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Video Services: OTT, Pay TV

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Q2 2024

Consumer Insights Dashboard

Video Services Dashboard 1Q 2024

The Video Services Dashboard provides a visual representation of the most critical indicators used by organizations that provide video services to the home to make strategic decisions.


Executive Summary 

Video Services Overview
  Penetration of Traditional vs. OTT Video Services 
  Pay-TV & OTT Service Subscription Trend 
  Pay-TV Adoption by Service Type 
  Overlap in Pay-TV & OTT Service Subscriptions 

Pay-TV Services
  Traditional Pay-TV Service Provider Market Share 
  Overall vMVPD Service Adoption 
  Streaming TV & vMVPD Provider Market Share
  Traditional Pay-TV Service Provider NPS 
  vMVPD Service NPS 
  Cord Cutter vs Cord Never

Streaming Service Adoption: Business Models & Market Leaders
  OTT Service Use by Business Model 
  OTT Video SVOD Service Stacking
  Average Number of OTT Service Subscriptions 
  OTT Service Subscription: Big 3 OTT vs. Non Big 3 OTT   
  Major Subscription OTT Service Adoption   
  Major OTT Subscription Tier: Ad-Based vs. Ad-Free
  Use of Ad-Based OTT Services  
  Use of Transactional OTT Services
  Platforms for Watching Social/User Generated Content

Streaming Services: Fees Churn, NPS
  Total Monthly Spending on OTT Services
  Spending on Video Services: Traditional Pay-TV vs. SVOD Services  
  Major OTT Service NPS
  OTT Subscriber Churn 
  Reasons for Cancelling Service
  Incentives to Prevent Churn



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