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Streaming Video Tracker

The leading resource on the OTT video market in North America

Streaming Video Tracker

The recent pace of change in entertainment services is dizzying. Streaming is established, but the market is roiling from constant shifts in strategies, service availability, and content additions/subtractions.

Parks Associates’ Streaming Video Tracker provides entertainment providers with valuable data and insights about the North American OTT video market. The research service includes quarterly estimates of over 100+ streaming services, and profiles the 300+ services. This includes business model tracking, quarterly subscriber estimates of 400+ services, analysis on platform usage and trends, viewer data for AVOD and FAST (services, and historical data trends dating back to 2014.

  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve content offerings
  • Align with current consumer behaviors and enhance customer experience
  • Remain competitive in the evolving media landscape

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