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Friday, February 01, 2019

One in three smart home owners control them through a network, like Alexa

More people are buying smart home devices, and connecting them through platforms or systems like smart speakers and hubs. So says a new report from Parks Associates which found that 35 percent of smart home owners are using a hub or app to run their smart devices.

The report, 360 Deep Dive: Smart Home Ecosystems: Driving the Smart Home Forward, finds that homes with broadband are the most likely to turn to smart speakers, with 5 percent of these households using an Amazon Ec more

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Cutting the cord: 59% of Americans have canceled cable TV, signaling the dominance of streaming giants Netflix, Hulu and Amazon

Netflix is also preparing to crackdown on illegal account sharing via new artificial intelligence software, which will be able to analyze which users are logged in and then flag shared accounts.

The move is expected to recoup major money for the video streaming service: a separate report from Parks Associates found that by 2021, credentials sharing will account for $9.9 billion of losses in pay-TV revenues and $1.2 billion of over-the-top (OTT) revenues. 

From the articl more

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Almost 3 in 4 Broadband Households Own a Connected Entertainment Device

A new whitepaper by released by Parks Associates reveals that 71% of U.S. broadband households own a connected entertainment device.

Titled “Changing Dynamics of the Smart Home: Opportunities for Service Providers,” the whitepaper examines strategies for service providers to deliver a successful smart home experience that incorporates support, security, privacy protection and a variety of personalized value propositions.

From the article "Almost 3 in 4 Broadband Househol more

Friday, January 25, 2019

Two out of five U.S. homes want to swap the remote for their voice

So notes a recent report from Parks Associates, which found that 43 percent of all broadband households in the U.S. that use — or plan to use — a smart TV or streaming media player want to be able to control them by telling them what to do out loud, a feature they're looking for when they make their next purchase.

From the article "Two out of five U.S. homes want to swap the remote for their voice" by Li Cohen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Research: 310 Million Global Connected Households to Have at Least One OTT Service by 2024

More than 310 million connected households will at least one OTT service by 2024, according to a new report from Parks Associates.

The report, OTT Video Services: Disruptive Globalization, estimates approximately 200 million households had at least one OTT service at home at the end of 2018.

“The U.S. leads in adoption of subscription OTT services, but other regions are experiencing significant growth as new services expand across borders,” said Brett Sappington, Parks A more

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Smart Home, Safety and Security Highlights at CES 2019

Safety and security remain the leading value propositions for the smart home. Consumers consistently rank security and safety as top value propositions, followed by energy management, and Parks Associates’ consumer research finds 38% of smart home device owners reported security of their home and family as the main motivator for their purchases.

From the article "Smart Home, Safety and Security Highlights at CES 2019" by Dina Abdelrazik.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

3 Stocks to Tap the Connected TV Boom

One of the biggest beneficiaries has been connected TVs. As the move from linear TV to streaming gains steam, consumers are increasingly relying on dedicated devices to deliver the best experiences. The number of households with streaming players is up 400% since 2014 according to Parks Associates.

From the article "3 Stocks to Tap the Connected TV Boom" by Danny Vena.

Friday, January 11, 2019

No, Apple's licensing of iTunes & AirPlay 2 isn't a 'strategy reversal' in any way

That claim cited research by Parks Associates, which actually showed that Apple TV's share by installed base was not drying up and blowing away as Mims portrayed, but was actually better than Google's and far ahead of Sony or Tivo.

It also stated that consumers rated Apple TV highly in setup, usability, gaming, and for purchasing content. It also noted that almost half of smart TV owners also used a streaming media player and that they used their media player much more frequ more

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