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Q4 2022

Industry Report

Ad-Based OTT Growth in FAST and AVOD Services

This report explores factors driving the growth of ad-based online video, profiles and compares market leaders, and assesses consumer preferences in watching ad-based content. It quantifies the number of households using ad-based online video services and includes a five-year forecast of viewer growth.


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Bottom Line

Overview of Ad-Based Streaming

Growth of Streaming Services

Defining the Market: FAST, Linear, AVOD, Hybrid

US Consumers’ Use of Ad-Supported Streaming Services

Ad Sales / Revenues

Content Acquisition

Ad-Based Streaming Trends

New Advertising Models

Built-in Content for Hardware Platforms

Bundling and Consolidation

OTT Service Stacking and Spending

Consumers Diversify Away from The Big Three

Social Media Content Integration


Outlet for Niche Content

Competitive Landscape

Ad-Supported OTT Service Leaders

Ad-Supported Service Profiles

Summary by Business Model

Detailed Profiles

Ad-Supported Service Highlights

Amazon Freevee

Crackle Plus



Pluto TV




Technology Provider Profiles

Market Size and Forecast

Implications and Recommendations



Parks Associates Entertainment Video Ecosystem

Companies Briefed or Researched for this Report

List of Figures



Linear Channel Guide from The Roku Channel
On-Demand Selections from The Roku Channel
Households Using Ad-Based OTT Video Services (2019–2022)
Top Ten Ad-Based OTT Video Services
Ad-Based Service Viewing Frequency
Drivers of Ad-Based OTT Service Usage
AVOD Users’ Attitudes towards Advertising Integration
Consumers’ Primary Streaming Video Products (2018–2021)
Average Number of OTT Service Subscriptions (2016–2022)
Average Household Spending for OTT Streaming Services by Number of Subscriptions
OTT Service Subscriptions: Big Three vs. Non-Big Three (2017–2022)
Likelihood of Using Co-Viewing Feature from Favorite Video Service
Estimated Monthly Viewers, Leading Ad-Supported OTT Services (2017–2022)
Roku Platform vs. Player Revenue and Gross Profit/Loss (2017–2022)
Walmart Shopping on Roku
Ad-Based OTT Services Forecast (2022-2027)
Entertainment Video Services Ecosystem

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