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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q2 2023

Smart Product Market Assessment

Home Networking 2022

Smart Product Market Assessments provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of a single smart product market. Parks Associates analysts identify key market drivers and barriers and assesses market growth via topline market forecasts.

Home Networking Smart Product Market Assessment includes consumer data for home networking equipment, including trending data across years and deep dive questions on product usage, pain points, and preferences. Parks Associates surveys 10,000 U.S broadband households every quarter, with additional surveys throughout the year. The survey results represent the national demographics for US broadband households.



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Home Networking Smart Product Market Assessment

Survey Methodology and Definitions

Executive Summary

Router Acquisition Channel

Router Brand Consolidation

Mesh Network Adoption

Router Brand Footprint Among Owners

Home Networking Product Ownership

Total Average Number of Connected Devices Per US BB HH

Top Market Trends

2022 US Product Releases and Announcements

Market Growth: Drivers, Barriers, Five-Year Forecast

Market Drivers

Market Barriers

Home Network Router Forecast – United States

Home Network Router Sales and Leases to Consumers – Retail and ISP Channel

Adoption of 5G/LTE Routers

Product Acquisition and Purchasing

Adoption of Router by Source: 2022 vs. 2021

Top Brands of Home Network Router/Wi-Fi Mesh Network Owned by Respondents

Brands of Home Network Router/Wi-Fi Mesh Network Owned by Respondents, Cont.

Router Acquisition Channel

Mesh Networking and Extender Acquisition Channel

Home Networking Product Purchasing (2018-2022)

Router Purchase Channel

Network Extender Purchase Channel

Top 10 Brands of Home Network Products Purchased or Received in Past 6 Months

Certainty to Purchase Home Networking Products

Home Networking Product Active Shoppers

Router Adoption by Model

Router Brand Footprint Among Consumer Purchasers

Adoption of Rented/Leased Routers Among Consumers

Router Acquisition Channel by Broadband Service Provider

Router Adoption Channel by Wi-Fi Usage

Mesh Networking and Extenders

Home Internet Service Issues Experienced

Home Internet Service Issues Experienced by Home Size

Net Promoter Score of ISP by Home Network Product Ownership: 2020-2022

Response to Home Internet Service Issues

Router-Enabled Services

Gateway-Enabled Services

Adoption of Value-Added Services from ISP

Adoption of Value-Added Services from ISPs by Monetization Model

Comparison of Top Players: Router Gateway Services

Comparison of Top Players: Router OEM Services to Consumers

Impact of Value-Added Services on ISP Net Promoter Score

Familiarity with New Home Networking Technologies

Key Factors Affecting Selection of New Internet Provider

Bulk Internet in MDUs

MDU Landscape

Current Adoption of Bulk Internet in MDUs

Resident Attitudes Toward Bulk Internet Service

Equipment Provided with Bulk Internet

Bulk Internet Choice Availability in MDUs

Bulk Internet Speed Offered

Challenges Experienced with Bulk Internet Service


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