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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q3 2022

Industry Report

Residential Broadband: State of the Market

The broadband market is ripe for change as traditional services fully mature and participants seek to maximize profitability and new revenue streams. Consumers now value technology more than ever and are increasingly seeking out new applications including Wi-Fi services and various value-added bundled services. This report evaluates the most significant events and trends that impact the broadband industry including disruptive technologies, changing consumer trends, and the competitive landscape.


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Bottom Line

Consumer Broadband Perspectives

Impact of Remote Work on Consumer Attitudes

Service Bundling Opportunities

The Evolution of Pay TV

Home and Mobile Internet Bundling

Next-Generation Networking

Competitive Landscape

5G Home Internet Service

Trends in Fiber Buildouts

5G and Wi-Fi Network Convergence

OpenRoaming Initiative

Market Sizing and Forecast

Forecast Assumptions

Implications and Recommendations



Market Share of Top Ten Residential Home Internet Providers
Penetration of Home Services (2017 to 2022)
Adoption of Standalone vs. Bundled Home Internet Service
Home Internet Download Speeds
Consumer Attitude Toward Home Internet Services
Attitudes Towards Home Internet by Demographic Segment
Consumer-Reported Spending on Home Internet
Remote Work Among US Internet Households
Consumer Willingness to Pay for Quality
Adoption of Traditional and New Bundles Among US Home Internet Households
Net Promotor Score of Internet Service Provider by Number of Value-Added Service Subscriptions
Adoption of Traditional and vMVPD Pay TV by Distribution Type
ISP Strategies for Pay-TV
Home & Mobile Broadband Bundling Among Home Internet HHs
Certainty to Purchase Home Networking Products
Internet-Connected Device Ownership in US Home Internet HHs
Adoption of 5G/LTE Home Internet from MNOs
Internet Adoption in US Households

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