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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q4 2020

Industry Report

Home Networking: State of the Market

New technology is emerging in the home networking market, driven by increasing demand for faster speeds and greater performance. This report examines the state of the home networking market, including new innovations in technology such as the 802.11 AZ standard, Wi-Fi mesh, Bluetooth Low Energy, DOCSYS, the emerging 10G space, and the likely impact of these innovations on home broadband providers, the smart home industry, and consumer electronics players.


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Bottom Line

The Connected Home

Why We Need a Home Network

Working Definitions

Market Forces Shaping Home Networks

Home Network Choices

The Home Network Marketplace

A Fragmented Home Network Market

Connecting a Home Network to an External Network

Will IoT Unify Home Networks?

Communication Protocols

The Residential Gateway

Wired Home Networks

Structured Cabling for Wired Networks

Ethernet Communications

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

PoE Technology

PoE Installation Benefits

Structured Cabling Complements Wi-Fi

Power Line Carrier (PLC) Networks

Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi Options

Wi-Fi Version Performance

Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Wi-Fi Mesh Products and Performance

Cellular Systems

Cellular Systems for Home Appliances

Cellular Systems for Home Networks

The Business of Home Networks

Home Networks Installation Challenges

Home Network Installation Market

Network Suppliers and Installers

Home Network as a Service

Trends in Home Networks

Implications and Recommendations

A Fragmented Home Network Market

Wireless Networks

Home Network Installation




Home Networking Device Ownership
Logical Organization of an Integrated Home System
Home Network Marketplace
Smart Home Device Ownership (2014-2020)
Wiring for Home Automation and Broadband Data
Connectors, Coax & Ethernet Outlet, Structured Cabling Cabinet, Connecting to Devices
RJ45 – Universal Outlet for Power + Data
Legrand Gigabit Power Line Adapters
Not Intending to Purchase a Smart Home Device due to Security and Privacy Concerns (2017-2018)
5G Home Network Modem & Router
Average Number of Connected Device per Household
Preferred Technical Support Solution for Self-Installation
Home Network Technical Problems (2019-2020)
Home Network Experiences during COVID-19 Crisis
Disruptions Due to Problem with Home Network during COVID-19 Crisis
Interest in Add-On Network Services

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