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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q2 2021

Industry Report

Modern Broadband: Shifting Landscape

The residential broadband market has seen a number of developments over the past few years. Growth in the number of internet connected devices within households has strained home networks, increasing demand for new networking solutions. Within the MDU space, apartments of all types are increasingly implementing managed Wi-Fi solutions to serve as the backbone for smart apartment deployments, as well as a bulk offering for tenets.

Driven by COVID-19, businesses are seeking solutions to better support a remote workforce, crossing the enterprise and residential markets. Similarly, demand has increased not just for download speeds but for uplink as well –better enabling consumers and workers to perform tasks such as video conferencing. New competition has arisen from mobile providers and satellite companies offering home internet service. This report investigates new developments in the broadband market spanning business opportunities, operational needs, and competitive factors.


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Bottom Line

Shifting Trends: Impact of COVID-2019/Pandemic

Impact of Shelter In Place and Social Distancing

New Demand for Upgraded CPE and New Value-Added Services

The Broadband Coverage Gap – a Major Issue

Remote Work Opportunities

New Demand for Broadband Uplink

Opportunities in Offerings Targeted to Employers

Meeting Customer Demands Through Network Evolution

Network Disaggregation: US Players Leading the Way

AT&T: Achieving 75% Network Virtualization

Lumen’s White Box Approach

Comcast Distributed Access Architecture

Pay-TV Decline & the Need for New Home Services Bundles

Traditional Pay-TV Decline in the US

Mobile Bundling and MVNO Services

Value-Added Services: Smart Wi-Fi and Cybersecurity

Wireless Internet Service

Mobile-Only Households: a Slowing Phenomenon

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed Wireless Internet

Satellite Internet

MDU Market Trends

Managed Wi-Fi and Bulk Services

Smart Apartment Deployments

Conclusions and Top Trends to Watch




Remote Work & Schooling Market
Adoption of Connected Entertainment Products
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WISP Architecture (credit: WISPA)
Starry Internet Architecture (Source: Starry)
MDU Housing Starts; Represents US Census Bureau and Data from RealPage

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