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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q1 2022

Industry Report

Work Transformed: Impact on Communications and Technology Markets

Social distancing guidelines brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused shifts in where and how people work. This report outlines how different industries have adjusted their work environments and processes to accommodate social distancing guidelines, the technologies that businesses have adopted to accommodate new work processes, and the emerging support needs driven by the adoption of these new technologies.


Prevalence of Remote Work

Defining the Remote Worker

Demographic Profile and Attitudes toward Technology

The Remote Worker and Technology

Remote Workers, Internet Providers, and Home Networking

Gigabit Internet Interest

Remote Workers Are An Appreciative Customer Base

Employer Subsidies and ISP Billing Systems

Remote Work, Cybersecurity, and Remote Support

Evolving Cyberthreat Landscape

Cybersecurity Solutions for Remote Work

What is “Zero Trust”?

SMB Concerns and Planned IT Investments

Home Cybersecurity: Value-added Services and Advanced Routers

Enhanced Protection through Router Hardware and Cloud-based Partnerships

Worker Interest in Premium Technical Support Services

SaaS Collaboration Tools

Asynchronous Collaboration

The Impact of Videoconferencing Platforms

Prosumer Devices and Hardware as a Service Models: New Opportunities in Videoconferencing?

Long-Term Threat: Lack of Culture

Remaining Challenges and Opportunities: Onboarding, Training, and Culture in the Metaverse

Defining Hybrid Work for 2022

Implications and Recommendations

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