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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q1 2021

Quantified Consumer

Adoption and Perception of Broadband

The demands on ISPs to deliver exceptional connectivity services to consumers and businesses have never been greater. Changing consumer lifestyle, work, and entertainment patterns in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis have shifted the market for broadband services considerably. This study assesses adoption of services and service bundling, service ARPU, upgrades and downgrades of broadband, and perception of broadband speeds received among US households. It also compares perceptions among various groups of consumers, including those with mobile data services.


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Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Total Market: Remote Working and Remote Schooling Among US Broadband Households

Prevalence of Employer-Provided Broadband Among Remote Workers

Mobile-Only Households & Broadband Cord-Cutting

Reasons for Cancelling Home Broadband Service

Adoption of Standalone Home Services Among US BB HHs

Home Broadband Service Adoption & Service ARPU

Adoption of Value-Added Services from Internet Provider

US Broadband Adoption and Satisfaction Trends

Overall Broadband Adoption in US Households

Mobile-Only vs. Fixed Broadband in US Households

Broadband Internet Access at Home

Fixed Broadband Service Provider Market Share

Net Promoter Score: Broadband Service Provider

Service Provider Net Promoter Score

Self-Reported Download Speed of Home Broadband

Likelihood of Upgrading Broadband Service to 1+ Gbps

Use of Wi-Fi Networking

Impact of COVID-19 on Broadband Customers

COVID-19 Impact on Employment Status

Affects of COVID-19 on Education in Fall 2020

Changes in Internet Use Since COVID-19 Crisis Began

Reason for Increase in Internet Usage

Services Used During COVID-19 Crisis

High Agreement on Home Internet and Mobile Service Home Usage

Prevalence of Employer-Provided Internet Among Remote Workers

Home Broadband Speeds: Employer Subsidized vs Unsubsidized

Service Changes: Churn, Upgrades, and Future Intentions

Changes to Broadband Service in Past 12 Months

Upgrade in Broadband Service – Q3/2020

Reasons For Upgrading Internet Service During COVID-19

Reason for Switching Broadband Service Providers

Considerations When Switching Providers

High Intention to Make Changes to Broadband Services

New Threats: Mobile-only, Cord-Cutting, and Fixed Wireless

Mobile-Only Households in the United States

Home Broadband Cord Cutters vs Broadband Cord Nevers

Reasons for Home Broadband Cord Cutting

Last Time Home Internet Service was Subscribed To

Reasons for Intending to Cancel Home Broadband Service

Provider Attitudes by Top 5 Internet Service Providers

Likelihood of Retaining Churners by Incentives

Appeal of 5G Fixed Wireless Internet

Preferred Purchase Channel for 5G Mobile Internet Router

Home Service Bundling and Adoption of New Service Types

Home Broadband Service Adoption & Service ARPU

Adoption of Standalone vs. Bundled Services

Adoption of Home Service Packages

Home Service ARPU (2010 - 2020)

ARPU of Home Bundled Services

Monthly Cost of Home Bundled Service

Adoption of Value-Added Services from Internet Provider

Routers: Purchasing Trends and Feature Interest

Home Network Router Purchase Channel

Reasons of Purchasing Home Network Router via Retail Channels

High Interest in Router Features

Payment Preference for Router Features

High Satisfaction with Networking Devices by Purchase Channel

Technical Issues Experienced with Wi-Fi Network at Home


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