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Q4 2014

Quantified Consumer

Engaging Consumers for Healthy Living: Health Apps

Engaging Consumers for Healthy Living: Health Apps analyzes the adoption and use of health apps on smartphones and tablets as well as the use of health apps in conjunction with smart health devices. Particular attention is given to “master apps” that aggregate data from multiple other health apps. The research also gauges consumer demand for smart health apps among those not currently using them.


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About the Research

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Key Findings

Industry Insight


Overview of Health App Use:

Smartphone and Tablet Adoption (2010 – 2014)

Smartphone App Downloads & Usage (2012 vs. 2014)

Tablet App Downloads & Usage (2012 vs. 2014)

Mobile App Usage (Q1/14)

Use of Health Apps (Q4/14)

Use of Health Apps with Digital Health Devices (Q4/14)

Weekly Time Spent Using Smartphone Apps by Genre (Q1/14)

Avg. Smartphone App Session by Genre (Q1/14)

Interest in Health Apps (Q4/14)

Appeal of Master Health App

Appeal of Health Master App (Q4/14)

Appeal of Health Master App by Age (Q4/14)

Appeal of Health Master App by Number of Health App Used Monthly (Q4/14)

Appeal of Health Master App by Frequency of Health App Use (Q4/14)

Appeal of Health Master App & Digital Health Device and App Use (Q4/14)

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