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Q1 2017

Industry Report

Consumerism of Healthcare: Trends, Technology Impact, and Case Studies

This Connected Health Tracker examines best provider practices in implementing technology solutions in four operational areas: transitional care management, chronic care management/ population health management, caregiver engagement, and data integration and analytics. For each category, this tracker highlights market and technology trends in the care provider market and uses relevant case studies to illustrate how care providers accomplish their business goals and outcomes.


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1.0    Report Summary

1.1  Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2  Research Approach/Sources

2.0    Update on Connected Health Market

2.1  The Momentum of ACO and the Shift to Value-based Care

2.2  Update on Health Consumer Segments—A Longitudinal View

3.0    Healthcare Provider Strategies and Case Studies

3.1  Transitional Care Management (TCM)

3.1.1     Major Market Trends and Leading Vendors

3.1.2     Case Study: Mayo Clinic

3.1.3     Case Study: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

3.2  Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Population Health Management (PHM)

3.2.1     Major Market Trends and Leading Vendors

3.2.2     Case Study: Carilion Clinic

3.2.3     Case Study: Banner Health

3.2.4     Case Study: Kaiser Permanente

3.3  Caregiver Engagement

3.3.1     Major Market Trends and Leading Vendors

3.3.2     Case Study: Anne Arundel Medical Center

3.3.3     Case Study: Montefiore Medical Center

3.4  Health Data Integration and Analytics

3.4.1     Major Market Trends and Leading Vendors

3.4.2     Case Study: Seattle Children’s Hospital

3.4.3     Case Study: El Camino Hospital

4.0    Implications and Recommendations

5.0    Appendix

5.1  Glossary

5.2  Index

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