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Wellness and Fitness

Q2 2019

Industry Report

Smart Home Platforms for Health

As changing demographics drive the market for independent living solutions, new solutions are entering the market to fulfil market demand. This report provides an overview of the competitive landscape of independent living and connected health platforms in the smart home.


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1.0                Report Summary

1.1                Purpose of Report

1.2                Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3                Research Approach/Sources

2.0                Trends Driving the Connected Health Market

2.1                Transformation of Healthcare Delivery

2.2                Consumer Demand for Connected Health Solutions

2.2.1 Telemedicine and On-demand Virtual Care Services

2.2.2 Connected Medical Devices and Consumer Fitness Products

2.2.3 Independent Living Solutions

2.3                Smart Home Platforms and Connected Health

2.3.1            Platform Strategies

2.3.2            Converging Industries

2.4                Channel Opportunities for Connected Health Solutions

2.4.1            Retail

2.4.2            Builder and New Construction

2.4.3            Broadband and Wireless Service Providers

3.0                Competitive Landscape and Use Cases for Connected Health

3.1                Independent Living

3.1.1            Leading Use Cases

3.1.2            Featured Market Players

3.2                Chronic Disease Management

3.2.1            Leading Use Cases

3.2.2            Featured Market Players

3.3                Virtual Care and Telemedicine

3.3.1            Leading Use Cases

3.3.2            Featured Market Players

3.4                Fitness and Wellness

3.4.1            Leading Use Cases

3.4.2            Featured Market Players

4.0                Integration Challenges: Smart Home and Connected Health

5.0                Implications and Recommendations

6.0                Appendix

6.1                Glossary

6.2                Index

Companies Researched or Interviewed
Telemedicine Categories
Type of Telehealth Used
Reasons for Not Using Telehealth Services
Adoption of Connected Health Devices (2014-2019)
Adoption of Specified Connected Health Devices
Caregivers’ Willingness to Pay for Home Independent Living Features
Reasons for Not Purchasing an Independent Living System among Seniors
Smart Home Platform
Independent Living Features
Top Metric for Connected Health Devices
Telehealth Medical Issues

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