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Q2 2024


Streaming Video Tracker - North American Update: May 2024

The Streaming Video Tracker, formerly known as the OTT Video Market Tracker, keeps companies abreast of 400+ North American OTT services, providing details on current players, new entrants, and trends in the OTT video services market. Services tracked include subscription, transactional, and ad-supported services that deliver professionally created content to consumers on internet-connected devices.

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Buy Now, See Later—The 2024 TV and Media Upfronts. 2

Top Services Upfront Highlights. 3

Themes of the Upfronts. 5

Live Sports are Driving Ad Dollars. 5

Internal Shift in Ad Tech on Display. 6

No One's Discussing Political Ads. 6

All Eyes Were on Ad-Supported Streaming. 6

The Future of Advertising is Streaming and Advertisers Know it. 7

May Entertainment News. 8

ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery Joint Venture Takes Shape with VENU.. 8

vMVPD- Fubo Plans New “Fubo Free” Tier, but Not Everyone Can Access. 9

Netflix plans to go All-In on Live TV.. 11

Comcast to Launch Peacock, Netflix, Apple TV+ Streaming Bundle. 12

Service Changes: Platforms, Business Models, and News. 15

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