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Q3 2023


Streaming Video Tracker - North American Update: July 2023

The Streaming Video Tracker, formerly known as the OTT Video Market Tracker, keeps companies abreast of 400+ North American OTT services, providing details on current players, new entrants, and trends in the OTT video services market. Services tracked include subscription, transactional, and ad-supported services that deliver professionally created content to consumers on internet-connected devices.

This update examines potential and profitability of T-Commerce, reviews July entertainment news, and examines changes on platforms, business models, and services.

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Does the Future of Streaming Profitability Lie in T-Commerce?

What is T-Commerce?

Mobile Buying Dominates Digital Commerce: Setting the Stage for T-Commerce

Concerns with the T-Commerce Purchasing Process

Which Services are Engaged in T-Commerce?

July Entertainment News

Netflix has Discontinued its Basic Ad-free Subscription Option

600+ Local TV Stations Establish Organization to Push Live TV Streaming Reform

Fox Discontinues TV Everywhere Fox Now Streaming App

Warner Bros. Discovery Licenses Original Content to Netflix

Service Changes: Platforms, Business Models, and News


List of Figures

Consumers Who Shop Online Monthly
Commerce Activities Conducted Through TV
Concerns with Purchasing Products Through the TV
Type of Products Intend to Purchase Through TV
Netflix US Subscriber Trends
Pay-TV Content Most Difficult to Give Up
OTT & Pay-TV Service Adoption 2014 vs.2023
Pay-TV Adoption by Service Type
Number of OTT Service Subscriptions
Service Changes; Platforms, Business Models, and News


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