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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q2 2023

Consumer Insights Dashboard

Home Services Dashboard 4Q 2022

The Home Services Dashboard visualizes the most important metrics informing the strategic decision making of companies providing communications services to the home.  

Consumer Insights Dashboards present survey-based consumer research that tracks the movement of foundational market metrics, such as product or service adoption, household spending intentions, churn, and key tracking metrics on leading industry players.



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Executive Summary

Industry Benchmarks

Internet Adoption in US Households

Home Service Subscription

Adoption of Standalone vs. Bundled Services

Adoption of Home Service Packages

Adoption of Mobile and Internet Bundles

ARPU of Total Home Services

ARPU of Standalone Home Service

ARPU of Bundled Home Service

ARPU of Most Common Home Service Packages

Home Service Provider NPS

Net Promoter Score by Sector – Trending (2019-2022)

Net Promoter Score of Home Service Providers

Net Promoter Score of Home Internet Providers’ Services

Net Promoter Score of Home Phone Providers’ Services

Net Promoter Score of Mobile Providers’ Services

Net Promoter Score of Traditional Pay-TV Providers’ Services

Net Promoter Score of Professional Security System Monitoring Providers

Broadband Close-Up

Market Share of Top Ten Residential Home Internet Providers

Home Internet Access by Type

Home vs. Mobile Internet Adoption by Residency Area

Mesh Network Adoption Among Network Router Owners: 2020-2022


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