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Q4 2018

Industry Report

TV Services: Disruption by Virtual MVPDs

Sling TV introduced the world to streaming pay-TV service, which has evolved into the concept of “virtual MVPDs.” As the market becomes more crowded, virtual MVPDs must differentiate their offerings to compete not only with each other but also compete with traditional pay-TV operators. This report identifies virtual MVPD deployment and growth strategies, identifies market differentiators, and sizes the market for virtual MVPD subscriptions.


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1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Research Approach/Sources

2.0            The State of Pay TV

2.1            A Market Primed for Disruption

2.2            The Rise of Online Pay-TV Services

2.2.1        Birth of a Market

2.2.2        Content Strategies and Licensing

2.2.3        Market Growth

2.2.4        Service Evolution

2.3            Understanding the Online Pay-TV Audience

3.0            Competition in Online Pay-TV

3.1            Sling TV (DISH Network)

3.2            PlayStation Vue (Sony)

3.3            Philo

3.4            Hulu with Live TV (Disney, Fox, NBCU, Time Warner)

3.5            DIRECTV NOW / Watch TV (AT&T)

3.6            YouTube TV (Google)

3.7            fuboTV

3.8            Spectrum TV Stream / TV Choice (Charter)

3.9            Xfinity Instant TV (Comcast)

3.10          Future Competitors

4.0            Market Sizing and Forecast

5.0            The of Future Pay TV

6.0            Global Competition in Online Pay TV

7.0            Recommendations

8.0            Appendix

8.1            Glossary

8.2            Index

8.3            Image Sources

Disruption Model
Pay-TV Penetration and ARPU 2011 - 2017
OTT Services Entering and Exiting the U.S. Market 2013-2018
Growth of Online Pay-TV Services
Online Pay-TV Adoption 2017-2018
Age of Pay-TV Subscribers
Online Pay-TV Subscriber and Intender Demographics
Changes Made to Pay TV vs. Online Pay TV
NPS: Online Pay-TV Services
Likelihood of Cancelling Online Pay-TV Services
Churn Rates of Pay-TV and OTT Categories
Video Service Loyalty of Subscribers with Multiple Services
Tiers of Online Pay-TV Services
Online Pay-TV Service Comparison Table
Forecast: Pay-TV Subscriptions by Type (2017-2023)
Forecast: Online Pay-TV Subscriptions by Provider (2017-2023)
Forecast: Online Pay-TV by Market Share (2017-2023)
Pay-TV Service Tiers
Live TV Broadcasts vs. OTT VOD

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