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Q4 2023


Streaming Video Tracker - North American Update: November 2023

The Streaming Video Tracker, formerly known as the OTT Video Market Tracker, keeps companies abreast of 400+ North American OTT services, providing details on current players, new entrants, and trends in the OTT video services market. Services tracked include subscription, transactional, and ad-supported services that deliver professionally created content to consumers on internet-connected devices.

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Future of Video Conference Brings Together Entertainment Leaders

Theme 1: AVOD and FAST Took Center Stage

Theme 2: Data is Abundant but Fragmented

Theme 3: Sports Content is Driving the Bus to Profitability

Theme 4: Discovery and Personalization is Vital to Success

Future of Video Executives Set the Stage for 2024 and Beyond

November Entertainment News

FCC Chair Proposes to Outlaw Termination Fees on Cable and Satellite TV

In December, Disney Will Combine the Disney+ and Hulu Apps.

Sinclair Announces That Bally Sports Will Have to Cease Operations in 2024

Amazon Plans to Mainstream Telehealth Doctors

Service Changes: Platforms, Business Models, and News



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