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Video Services: OTT, Pay TV

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Q1 2021

Industry Report

OTT Video Services: Trends and Competition

The OTT video services market continues to evolve, with new, large, global services joining an already crowded market. Services are testing new business models, user experiences, and distribution options to reach and monetize users. This industry report discusses the trends that have arisen over the past year and that will impact the future year for the OTT video service market in North America and globally. The report includes a forecast for OTT video service adoption and revenues.


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Bottom Line

Overall OTT Video Service Market Trends

Unprecedented OTT Video Consumption

Growing Divide between OTT and Pay TV

Evolution of Content Windowing

Subscription OTT Service Market

Launch of High-Profile Services

Reduction in Original Content Production

Shifts in Partnerships

Competitive Overview

Ad-Based OTT Service Market

High-Profile Acquisitions

Influx of Original and Exclusive Content

Residual Impact of COVID-19

Competitive Overview

Transactional OTT Service Market

Continued Dominance of Tech Giants

Movie Theater Operators Launch Services

Transactional Offerings Integrated into Services

Competitive Overview

Key Trends to Watch

Slowdown in High-Profile Service Launches

Service Consolidation

Shift to Streaming-First Organizations

Market Forecast: US OTT Service Subscriptions and Revenue, 2021-2026

Forecast Methodology and Assumptions


Implications and Recommendations



Consumer Data Methodology


OTT Service Use by Business Model
Penetration of OTT vs. Traditional Pay TV
Most Preferred Source to Watch New Movies
Major OTT Subscription Service Uptake
Number of OTT Subscriptions
Likelihood of Cancelling OTT Service Due to Lack of New Content
Key Subscription OTT Services
Use of Ad-Based OTT Services
Drivers of Ad-Supported OTT Service Use
Key Ad-Based OTT Services
Use of Transactional OTT Services
Transactional OTT Service User Experience
Key Transactional OTT Services
Forecast of US OTT Subscriptions (2021-2026)
Forecast of US OTT Subscription Revenue (2021-2026)

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