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Q4 2020

Industry Report

The Next 'Big 3' in OTT

With Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia, and NBC Universal, among others, launching SVOD services, will any of them supplant the current “Big 3” in OTT (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu)? This report evaluates the emergence of major SVOD services recently launched or about to hit the market and their potential impact on the market penetration and revenue of the current largest SVOD services.


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Bottom Line

Subscription-Based OTT Service Competitive Landscape

Major SVOD Service Overview


Amazon Prime Video



Apple TV+

CBS All Access/Paramount+



Potential Future Big 3 in OTT

Subscriber Trend & Market Outlook

Implications and Recommendations


Consumer Data Methodology


Big 3 vs. Non Big 3 OTT Subscriptions
Major OTT Subscription Service Uptake
Big 3 Penetration by Disney+ and Apple TV+
NPS Trend
Subscriber Churn Trend
Major SVOD Summary
Netflix Watch Free
Prime Video and NFL partnership
Hulu Program Initiatives
Disney+ UI
Disney+ Growth Initiatives
Apple One
Initial CBS All Access expansion (2020)
Paramount+ Timeline in US
Paramount+ Goals
HBO Streaming Services
HBO Max Human Curation
HBO Max Human Content Recommendations Approach
Peacock Ad Growth Strategies
Peacock Curator Ad
Potential Big 3 Players
Major SVOD Subscriber Trend (US): 2017-2020

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