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Q3 2017

Industry Report

Mobile Data Services: Business Model Assessment

The mobile data market has become saturated in major industrialized nations. Mobile operators in those markets find it increasingly difficult to raise mobile data prices as competitors are ready to lure away unsatisfied customers. This report analyzes how global mobile operators sell mobile data services, manage customer loyalty programs, develop innovative services, and offer customer incentives such as zero-rated services and international travel plans. It also provides an update of global mobile data revenues earned by operators from 2017-2021.


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1.0    Report Summary

1.1    Purpose of Report

1.2    Scope of Report

1.3    Research Approach/Sources

1.4    Glossary

2.0    The Mobile Data Market

2.1    Market Maturity – A Global Trend

2.2    Competitive Analysis of Major Markets

2.3    Customer Acquisition Strategies: Case Studies

2.3.1 T-Mobile US: America’s “Un-Carrier”

2.3.2 Reliance Jio: 100M+ Subscribers in 170 Days

3.0    Revenue Growth Strategies

3.1    Data Plans and Bundling Strategies

3.1.1 Resurgence of Unlimited Data Plans

3.1.2 Zero-Rating and Mobile Optimization

3.2    Top-Five Data-Driven Services

3.2.1 Social Media and Chat

3.2.2 Streaming Video

3.2.3 Streaming Music

3.2.4 Mobile Gaming

3.2.5 Cellular Connected Devices and the IoT

4.0    Churn Management

4.1    Loyalty and Rewards Programs

4.2    International Data Roaming and Premium Wi-Fi Hotspots

4.2.1 Mobile Data Roaming

4.2.2 Premium Wi-Fi Hotspots

5.0    Future Applications that Drive Mobile Data Usage

5.1    5G Impact

5G Overall Requirements

5.2    Augmented/Virtual Reality

5.3    “Cellular-First" PCs

6.0    Forecasts

6.1    Mobile Broadband Subscription Forecasts

6.2    Mobile Data Service Revenue Forecast

7.0    Appendix

7.1    Index

7.2    Image Sources

Companies Researched
Smartphone Penetration in U.S. Broadband Households
Resurgence of Unlimited Data Plans among U.S. Broadband Households
Overall OTT Service Subscriptions Among U.S. Broadband Households (2013-2017)
Mobile Market Snapshot
Devices Using Shared Data Plan
Use of Social Media/Chat Apps on Smartphones by Age
Social Media MAUs
Mobile Device Adoption (2015-2017)
Leading Cellular Connected Device and IoT Players
Important Factors in Choosing Next MSP
Importance of Loyalty/Rewards Programs in Choosing Next MSP
Appeal of Rewards Program Designs on a 7-Point Scale
5G Overall Requirements
VR Use Cases
Global Mobile Broadband Subscription Forecasts by Technology: 2016-2021
Forecasts of Global Mobile Data Revenues: 2016-2021

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