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Q1 2017

Industry Report

The Connected Car Experience: Software, Apps, and Services

This report continues Parks Associates’ coverage of the connected car industry by examining the connected car software developer sector to highlight innovations and new consumer experiences that will come to new car models in the next five years. It hones in on software and apps that can be built on top of a car’s embedded operating system, through mirroring technology from a smartphone, or via an aftermarket product. The report concludes with an update on Parks Associates’ five-year forecasts of connected car sales in the U.S.


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1.0    Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Scope of Report

1.3  Research Approach/Sources

2.0    The Evolution of the Auto Industry

2.1  Software-driven Focus

2.2  Challenges

2.3  New Software Frontiers

3.0    Assessing In-Car Experiences

3.1  Safety

3.1.1     Heads-Up Display (HUD)

3.1.2     Surround Vision

3.1.3     Automatic Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Autonomous Functionality

3.2  Comfort

3.2.1     Seating

3.2.2     Sound

3.3  Productivity

3.3.1     Hand Gesture Recognition

3.3.2     Voice Control

3.3.3     Vehicle-Initiated Suggestions

3.4  Infotainment

3.4.1     Integrated Infotainment Experiences

3.4.2     Vehicle-Centric Entertainment Experiences

4.0    Forecast

4.1  Connected-Capable and Actively Connected Cars Forecast

4.2  Automaker Annual Software Spend Forecast

5.0    Implications and Recommendations

6.0    Appendix

6.1  Index

6.2  Image Sources

Products and Statistics from the Top Three HUD Providers
Recent ADAS Features, Limitations, and Driver Alerts
Autonomous Vehicle AI and Software Development Vendors
Seating Software Innovations
Productivity Activities Performed while Driving
Consumer Satisfaction with Voice Recognition Software
In-Vehicle Voice Control Options
Suggestion-Making Software in Production Vehicles
Leading Service Providers’ Partnerships with Automakers
Connected Car Forecast Model
Connected-Capable Vehicle Forecast
Active Connections Vehicle Forecast
Automaker Annual In-Vehicle Software Spend Forecast Model
Automaker Annual Software Spend in the U.S. Forecast

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