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Q4 2016

Industry Report

Disruptions from Sharing Economy Apps

The sharing economy is a phenomenon describing new business models built on the proliferation of smartphone and app use that are supported by shared resources from these devices owners. These business models are augmented by real-time data and location, instant gratification, on-demand pricing, and easy payment. From sharing reviews through Yelp to sharing car rides using Uber, smartphone owners and app users have become suppliers of resources and participants of new business use cases that bring new economic order to traditional industry sectors.

This report examines the top-five industry sectors that currently are being “Uberized,” including taxi hauling, hotel booking, garage sales, doctor visits, and handyman services. It analyzes these apps’ success factors and the extent of their disruptions within their respective markets. The report concludes with analysts’ predictions of the next five big consumer needs that can be fulfilled by sharing economy apps.


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1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Scope of Report

1.3      Research Approach/Sources

2.0      State of Sharing Economy Apps

3.0      Success Factors and Challenges for Sharing Economy Apps

3.1      Success Factors

3.2      Challenges

3.3      Market Trends

4.0      Five Disruptive Sharing Economy App Categories

4.1      Ride Hailing Apps

4.2      Space Sharing Apps

4.3      Reselling Apps

4.4      Care Services Apps

4.5      Home Services Apps

5.0      Emerging Markets for Sharing Economy Apps

6.0      Implications and Recommendations

7.0      Appendix

7.1      Index

7.2      Image Sources

Five Successful Sharing App Categories
U.S. Consumer Adoption of Sharing Apps
Social App User Satisfaction and Attitude toward Replacement of Traditional Services
Case Study: Uber’s Growth Strategy and Threats
Revenue Models and Adoption Statistics for Major Ride Hailing Companies
Revenue Models and Adoption Statistics for Major Space Sharing Companies
Airbnb’s Legal Problems in San Francisco
Reselling Apps’ Advantages over Craigslist and eBay
Reselling Apps: Distinctive Features
Case Study: thredUP
Home Care Service Categories
In-home Child Care App Case Study:
Eldercare App Case Study: HomeHero
Routine Care App Case Study: HomeHero
Competitors in Care Service App Market
Home Service App Case Study: Instacart
Home Service App Case Study: HomeAdvisor
New Market Opportunities for Sharing Economy Apps
Car Sharing Apps: Assessment of Appeal
Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Apps: Assessment of Appeal
Self-Storage Sharing Apps: Assessment of Appeal
Tech-Support Apps: Assessment of Appeal
Textbook Sharing Apps: Assessment of Appeal

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