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Q2 2016

Industry Report

5G & Wi-Fi: Provider Strategies for the Next-Generation Network

This report analyzes broadband service providers’ wireless service strategies surrounding the development of fifth-generation mobile network technology as well as network densification efforts using a combined fixed and wireless infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable communications services to consumers. In particular, the report explores Wi-Fi’s roles in consumer voice and data communications and Wi-Fi strategies for mobile operators and cablecos. The report concludes with five-year forecasts of global mobile broadband users and wireless data revenues.


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1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach/Sources

1.4 Glossary

2.0 Path to 5G: Standards and Use Case Analysis

2.1 The Promise of 5G and the Journey to It

2.2 Licensed Spectrum for 5G Networks

2.3 Unlicensed Spectrum for 5G Networks

2.4 Core Network Architecture Requirements for 5G

2.5 Global Operators’ 5G Initiatives

2.6 The Promise of 5G: Analysis of Use Cases

2.7 Alternative Networks and Service Providers

2.7.1 Wi-Fi

2.7.2 TV White Space

3.0 Next-Generation Network for IoT Opportunities

3.1 Non-Cellular Low-Power, Wide-Area (LPWA) Network for IoT

3.1.1 SIGFOX

3.1.2 LoRa Alliance

3.1.3 Ingenu

3.2 Cellular IoT Networks—EC-GSM, LTE Cat 1, M1/M2

3.3 Operators’ IoT Network Strategy

4.0 Market Forecast

4.1 Projected Timeline of 5G Buildout (2016-2025)

4.2 Forecasts of Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Network Technology (2015-2020)

4.3 Updated Forecast of Mobile Data Revenues (2015-2020)

5.0 Implications and Recommendations

6.0 Appendix

6.1 Company Index

6.2 Image Sources

Companies Researched or Interviewed for Report
5G Function Areas and Technology Requirements
3GPP Release Schedule and Key Technologies in Each Release
Existing and Proposed Spectrum for 5G Network: the U.S.
Unlicensed Spectrum for LTE and Small Cell Deployment
NFV, SDN, and Network Slicing from Network Equipment Vendors
Global Mobile Operators’ 5G Initiatives and Timeline
5G Use Cases and Network Requirements
SIGFOX: Technical Details and Deployment Momentums
LoRa Alliance: Technical Details and Deployment Momentums
Ingenu: Technical Details and Deployment Momentums
Cellular Network Technologies for IoT
Predicted 5G Deployment Timeline
Forecast of Worldwide Mobile Broadband Subscriptions: 2015-2020
Forecast of Global Mobile Subscriptions by Network Technology: 2015-2020
Forecasts of Global Mobile Data Revenues: 2015-2020

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