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Q3 2024

Quantified Consumer

Consumer Perception and Use of AI Applications

Over the past decade, brands have infused AI/ML technologies into their products, services, and workflow to enhance feature sets, enable solutions to work more intelligently and independently, and offer greater personalization. AI/ML increases solutions’ value and capability to consumers but are often behind-the-scenes and not evident to the end user.

Consumer-facing generative AI applications are, for many consumers, the first time they’ve knowingly interacted with artificial intelligence. This forces a new conversation about what AI is, how it works, how it is controlled, and the limits of its capabilities. This research quantifies consumers’ familiarity with and use of generative AI and gauges perceptions and concerns with artificial intelligence. It also highlights AI-enabled features and benefits across Parks Associates’ coverage of connected living markets to highlight the tangible benefits of AI that most appeal to consumers today.  

Key questions addressed:
  1. How familiar are consumers with generative AI applications?
  2. For what purposes are consumers using generative AI today?
  3. What segments of consumers are early users of AI applications?
  4. What concerns do consumers have about AI, personally and professionally?
  5. What AI-enabled features have consumers indicated interest in across connected living solutions?
This research will be available in early July 2024.

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