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Q3 2021

Industry Report

Context is King: Smart Home Video and Audio Analytics

Innovation in video and audio analytics is driving new applications and services like facial, emotional, gender, and object recognition, creating dramatic new capabilities to understand context and deliver value. Embedding microphones in devices throughout the home to deliver a voice interface creates opportunities to extend value through sound recognition and notifications. Detection of glass breaking or a baby crying provides clear value to consumers. This report examines how video and audio analytics are evolving and impacting the smart home user experience and profiles companies that are driving the technology forward.


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Bottom Line

Smart Audio and Video Devices: Growing in Capability and Reach
     Before the Analytics – Advancements in Data Capture 
     Smart Devices being very Smart: Inferencing at the Edge or the Cloud   

Peace of Mind after a Troubling 2020
     Security and Surveillance
     Keep an (Electronic) Eye on Loved Ones               

AI: Assisting Seniors and Caregivers        

Help with Housework   

Control without a Touch              

Video and Audio Analytics Players across the Value Chain
     Original Equipment Manufacturers         
     Software Vendors          

Innovations on the Horizon – Applying Wider AI Use Cases to the Smart Home  

Implications and Recommendations       


Consumer Data Methodology   


Forecast of Connected Devices Sold with Video & Audio Analytics

Edge vs. Cloud: Comparing Benefits Head-to-Head

Factors Driving Security Device Purchase among Recent Buyers (Pre-COVID)

Increased Use of Networked Cameras Due to COVID-19

Location of Cameras In and Around the Smart Home

Area or Person Monitored by Cameras

Cloud Video Storage Services

Preferred Pricing Model for AI Capabilities

Caregivers Describing Loved One's Independence

Appeal of Smart Appliance Features

Smart Home Speakers and Hubs

Video & Audio Analytics-enabled Product Value Chain

Prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer

Comparing Digital Assistant Strategies

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