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Q4 2014

Industry Report

Modern Broadband: Maximizing Retention and Revenues

As broadband gains greater penetration worldwide, operators must explore new strategies to both attract new customers and keep existing customers. This report analyzes the philosophies and approaches to subscriber retention and acquisition, including triggers to churn, broadband service messaging, consumer willingness to switch, and the tools and strategies used across markets today to compete successfully. The report also provides a forecast for broadband subscribers worldwide through 2019.


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The Bottom Line


1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Scope of Report

1.3      Research Approach/Sources

2.0      Broadband Overview

3.0      Acquisition vs. Retention

3.1      Market Stages

3.2      Broadband Provider Philosophies

3.3      Lifetime Value of a Subscriber

4.0      Consumers and Changes to Broadband Services

5.0      Triggers to Churn

6.0      Key Messaging for Broadband

7.0      Subscriber Acquisition

Promotional Discounts

Gift Cards

Price Guarantees

CPE Devices

Connected CE Devices

Entertainment Services

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Technical Benefits

Other Acquisition Programs

8.0      Subscriber Retention


Proactive Upgrades

Tech Support Services or Features

Internet Security Software or Services

Cloud Storage

Affinity / Loyalty Programs

Moving Portals

Other Retention Programs

9.0      Forecast

10.0    Implications and Recommendations

11.0    Appendix

11.1    Glossary

11.2    Index

Worldwide Broadband Households
Global Share of Broadband Homes by Region (End of 2014)
Market Phases and Dominant Strategies for Acquisition / Retention
Estimated Average Tenure of a Subscriber for Selected Operators
Estimated Lifetime Value of a Subscriber for Selected Operators
Alternatives to Wired Broadband for Subscribers that Cancel
Priorities in Selection of a Services Bundle
Service Bundle Priorities among Consumers Planning Service Changes
Changes to Broadband Service Based on CE Purchases
Devices Purchased by Consumers that Upgraded their Broadband Service
Demand for Broadband Service Acquisition Tools
Demand for Broadband Service Retention Tools
Likely Changes in Broadband Service by Type of Bundle Subscription
Types of Tech Support Problems Experienced
Broadband Services Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Worldwide Broadband Households
Projected Global Share of Broadband Homes by Region (2019)
Forecast: U.S. Broadband Households

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