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Q3 2013

Industry Report

Modern Broadband: Access and Value-added Services

This report analyzes the key trends impacting the worldwide market for consumer broadband services, including adoption, provider activities, subscriber usage, regulatory issues, and industry technologies. The report examines the value-added services that many broadband providers are adding to their service portfolio, including video, music, games, home automation, energy, videoconferencing, and health. It also includes global broadband subscriber forecasts by region through 2018.


The Bottom Line


1.0    Report Summary

1.1    Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2    Data Sources

2.0    Broadband Overview

3.0    Trends in Modern Broadband

3.1    Overview

3.2    Increased Broadband Usage

3.3    Usage-Based Pricing Models

3.3.1 Canada

3.3.2 Belgium

3.3.3 Germany

3.3.4 India

3.3.5 Australia

3.3.6 United States

3.4    National Broadband Plans

3.4.1 Overview

3.4.2 United States

3.4.3 Canada

3.4.4 Australia

3.4.5 Western Europe

3.5    Growth in High-Speed Broadband

3.5.1 Overview

3.5.2 DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1

3.5.3 Fiber Optics

3.5.4 Vectoring

3.6    Non-Wireline Broadband

3.6.1 Mobile Broadband

3.6.2 Satellite Broadband

3.6.3 Wi-Fi Networks

4.0    Value-added Services

4.1    Finding New Value

4.2    Smart Home Services (Security, Automation, and Energy Management)

4.3    Premium Technical Support

4.4    Video Games

4.5    Music

4.6    Digital Health

5.0    Global Broadband Forecast

6.0    Glossary


Worldwide Broadband Households (End of 2013)
Global Share of Broadband Homes by Region (End of 2013)
YouTube Peak Time Broadband Traffic
Canada Usage-Based Pricing Tiers by Provider
MTNL Broadband Plans
Reliance Communications Broadband Plans
Airtel Broadband Plans
Telstra Usage-Based Broadband Plans
iinet Usage-Based Broadband Plans
Broadband Canada Delivery
Satellite Broadband Subscriptions
Features of Home Security Services in U.S. Homes (with or without monitoring)
Smart Home Service Offerings by Provider
Interest in New Technical Support Services
Technical Support Service Offerings by Provider
Demand for Video Game Services from a Broadband Provider: Western Europe
Video Game Offerings by Provider
Demand for Digital Music Services from a Broadband Provider: Western Europe
Music Service Offerings by Provider
Appeal of Digital Health Services
Health Service Offerings by Provider
Broadband Services Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Worldwide Broadband Households
Forecast: U.S. Broadband Households
Projected Global Share of Broadband Homes by Region

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