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Q1 2019

Industry Report

Modern Broadband: Competition and Retention at Gigabit Speeds

An increasing number of providers across global markets offer, or are testing, gigabit-speed broadband services, pushing new fixed-line data offerings to data-hungry consumers. This report examines current competition in gigabit-speed services as well as operator strategies to retain subscribers in the face of such high-speed competition. The report analyzes broadband churn and cord cutting, as well as reasons and likelihood for each. It provides five-year forecasts for fixed-line broadband subscribers and a five-year forecast of US gigabit broadband subscribers.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        The State of Global Broadband

3.0        Gigabit Speed Providers and Services

3.1        Global Availability

3.1.1    APAC

3.1.2    EMEA

3.1.3    Latin America

3.2        US Availability

4.0        Consumer Demand for High Speed Service

4.1        Current Broadband Speed

4.2        Consumer Perception of Speed

4.3        Drivers of Switching or Upgrading to Faster Service Plans

4.4        Consumer Interest in Gigabit Speed Services

4.4.1    Penetration of Gbps Services

4.4.2    Consumer Upgrading to Gbps Services

5.0        Competition in Gigabit Speed Markets

5.1        Product Strategy

5.2        Pricing Strategies

5.3        Promotion Strategies

5.4        Beyond Broadband: Differentiating Services

6.0        Challenges for Gigabit Speed Service Providers

7.0        Forecast

7.1        Forecast Methodology

7.2        Global Broadband Forecast

7.3        US Gigabit Broadband Forecast

8.0        Implications and Recommendations

9.0        Appendix

9.1        Glossary

9.2        Index

9.3        Image Sources

Broadband Households by Region (2018)
Global Broadband Household Share by Region
Top 10 Global Broadband Markets
Top 10 Markets by Annual Increase in Number of Broadband Households (2018)
Asia-Pacific Gigabit-Speed Broadband Service Offerings
EMEA Gigabit-Speed Broadband Service Offerings
Google Fiber Deployment 2018
US Gigabit-Speed Broadband Service Offerings
Download Speed of Home Broadband Service (2015 - 2018)
Opinions towards Current Broadband Service by Broadband Speed (Q3/18)
Total Average Number of Connected Devices Per U.S. BB HH
Broadband Service Download Speeds (Q3/18)
Likelihood of Upgrading Broadband Service to 1 Gbps (2016 - 2018)
Suddenlink Offers Three Levels of Service
CenturyLink Promotions Feature Broad Perspective and Usage
Broadband Services Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Broadband Subscribers by Region (2018 - 2023)
Forecast: US Gigabit Broadband Subscribers (2018 - 2023)

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