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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q3 2017

Industry Report

Modern Broadband: Impact of Wireless on Fixed-line

More and more broadband households use cellular and Wi-Fi connections for in-home and out-of-home data needs. This report examines the impact these wireless technologies will have on fixed-line broadband services. It also evaluates usage of both options, as well as the pros and cons of each, and includes a five-year forecast for fixed-line global broadband household connections.


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1.0    Report Summary

1.1    Purpose of Report

1.2    Scope of Report

1.3    Research Approach/Sources

2.0    Mobile Internet

2.1    Advantages of Mobile Internet

2.2    Mobile-only consumers

2.3    The pursuit of wireless by fixed-line operators

3.0    Re-defining the role of fixed networks

3.1    The state of fixed broadband in the U.S. market

3.2    Advantages of fixed-line broadband

3.3    Mobile backhaul via fixed networks

3.4    Fixed broadband as a vehicle for value-added services

4.0    Virtualization of the last mile

4.1    Fixed wireless

4.1.1 WiMAX

4.1.2 High frequency fixed wireless networks.

4.1.3 The impact of fixed wireless

4.2    Hybrid networks: combining DSL and LTE

4.3    Other ISPs virtualizing last mile connectivity

4.4    Wi-Fi in the home

4.4.1 Mesh networks

4.4.2 Next generation Wi-Fi standards

5.0    Market status

North America

Western Europe

East/Central Europe

Latin America


Western/Central Asia


6.0    Forecast

6.1    Forecast Methodology

6.2    Forecast

7.0    Implications and Recommendations

7.1    Broadband Service Providers

8.0    Appendix

8.1    Glossary

8.2    Index

8.3    Image Sources

Likelihood to go mobile-only
Likelihood to go mobile-only by MNO
AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon - change in speed and latency
Verizon Data Only Price Points
Reason for Not Having Home Broadband
Change in Speed and Latency of Major US Wireless Carriers
Average Latency by Network Type
Change in Most-Commonly Used In-home Entertainment Device
Comparing Last Mile Fixed Wireless Solutions
Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Currently Offered in Market
North America Market
Western Europe Market
East & Central Europe Market
Latin America Market
Asia Pacific Market
West & Central Asia Market
Africa Market
Forecast Methodology
Broadband Household Penetration by Region
Mobile vs. Home Broadband Penetration

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