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Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Q3 2019

Smart Product Market Assessment

5G Services

The 5G Market Assessment addresses the following major questions:

1) What is the level of consumer interest in 5G services?
2) What is driving market growth? What barriers exist to growth?
3) What impact will 5G have on fixed and wireless broadband services?
4) Who are the key players and what are their defining characteristics?
5) How large is the 5G market in the US currently and projected over the next 5 years?



Executive Summary

Market Landscape

Introduction to 5G
Market Drivers and Barriers
Key Players to Note
5-Year Forecast: 5G and Total Mobile Subscriptions

5G Availability

Service Providers: 5G Strategies, Services, and Devices

Consumer Perspectives on 5G Services

State of the Mobile Market

Home Broadband Access

Consumer Interest in 5G


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