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Q1 2024

Smart Product Market Assessment

Smart Smoke and CO Detectors: Market Assessment 2024

This Market Assessment identifies key and emerging players in the market for smart smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors. It tracks consumer adoption and purchase trends, including product preferences, the buyer journey, and purchase channels. It includes forecasts for unit sales and revenues and special analysis on specific use cases, including senior care and insurance.

What are the major trends currently impacting the smart smoke/CO detector market?
Who are the key competitors in the market?
What product innovations are driving the market?
What are the rates of ownership, purchases, and intentions?
What are some technical issues smoke/CO detector owners experience, and how are those issues being addressed?
What is the role of caregiving and senior care in the acquisition of security and safety devices?
What role do insurance providers and security dealers play in the adoption of smoke/CO detectors?


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Executive Summary

Smart Smoke/CO Detector Adoption

US Forecast - Smart Smoke Detectors

Top Use Cases for Insurance-Provided Smart Home Devices

Top Purchase Channels

Competitor News and Trends

Smart Smoke/CO Detectors and Air Quality Products – Market Activity

Recent Product Innovation Highlights: Features and Functions

Recent Partnerships Highlights

Business Models and Acquisitions Highlights

Market Landscape and Key Competitors

Current Products and Features

Products Offered by Major Platform Players

Products Offered by Major Security Device Suppliers

US Market Sizing & Forecast

Drivers Impacting Year-end Sales Outcomes

Barriers Impacting Year-end Sales Outcomes

Smart Smoke Detectors Forecast, 2019-2027

US Forecast - Smart Smoke Detectors: Annual Unit Sales (#M)

US Forecast - Smart Smoke Detectors: Annual Sales Revenue at End-user Value ($M)

Ownership, Purchases, and Intentions

Smart Home Device Ownership

Smart Smoke/CO Detector Adoption

Smart Smoke/CO Detector Purchases and Future Intentions

Buyer Journey

Smart Smoke/CO Detector Purchase Channel

Smart Home Product Purchase Channel

Smart Smoke and CO Detectors Purchase Triggers

Average Selling Price: Smart Smoke/CO Detector

Smart Smoke and CO Detector: Installed Base Brand Share

Smart Smoke and CO Detector: Brand Recently Purchased

UX and Technical Support

Installation Method

High Difficulty with Self Installation

Smart Home Device Return Rate in the Last 12 Months vs Purchase rate in the Past 6 Months

Actions after Returning Device

Reasons for Returning Smart Smoke/CO Detector

Smart Home Device: Technical Problems Experienced

Smart Home Devices: Payment Preference for Professional Device Set-Up and Installation

Monitoring and Security

Security System Ownership Among Smart Smoke/CO Detector Owners

Paid Detector Service with Security System Subscription

Stand-Alone Detector Plan

Features of Smoke/CO Detector Service

Smart Smoke/CO Detector Subscription Plan Monthly Cost

Interest in Security System Add-on Service

Devices Acquired as Part of Security System

Devices Acquired as Part of System, by Installation Method

Additional Devices Adopted After Security System Installation

Smoke Detector/CO Monitor Added After Security System Installation

Devices Added After Security System Installation by Installation Method

Beyond Intrusion: Top 3 Conditions for Security System to Detect/Prevent

Top Conditions Seek to Detect or Prevent by Life Stage Segments

Use Cases: Senior Care

Market Size of Family Caregivers

Family Caregiver Age Distribution

Family Caregiver New Technology Adoption

Valuable Features of Independent Living Solutions (Rating 1-7 on 7pt Scale)

Preferred Devices Added in DIY Packages

Use Cases: Insurance

Home Damage Experiences

Insurance Claim Experience

Top Use Cases for Insurance-Provided Smart Home Devices

Comfort Sharing Data Types: Home, Resident, Video, Environmental


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