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Residential Security

Q2 2021

Industry Report

Security Adjacencies: Building on Peace of Mind Value Props

Security service providers have an opportunity to build on their core offering by cultivating peace-of-mind value propositions for lifestyle segment use cases. This report evaluates market potential for smart solutions that leverage residential security strengths to address other peace-of-mind use cases, such as elder care, childcare, pets, car security, frequent travelers, vacation homeowners, and property safety from fire and water damage.


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Bottom Line

Understanding Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Use Cases

Motor Vehicles


Yard/Outdoor Items

Package Deliveries

High-Value Personal Property


Vacation Homes

Insurance and Security Peace of Mind Parallels

Implications and Recommendations




Benefits Influencing Smart Home Device Purchases
Motor Vehicle Theft, 2019-20
Motor Vehicle In-Market Solutions
Desired Capabilities of Vehicle Monitoring Service
Pet In-Market Solutions
COVID-19 Impact on Interest in Family/Pet Monitoring
Yard/Outdoor Item In-Market Solutions
Networked Cameras Monitoring Interest
Package Delivery In-Market Solutions
Top 3 Important Conditions for Security System to Detect and Prevent Burglaries, 2018-19
High-Value Personal Property In-Market Solutions
Desired Items for Smart Tag Tracking Service
New Powerboats in the US, 2019-20
Boat/Watercraft In-Market Solutions
Vacation Home In-Market Solutions
Drivers and Barriers for Smart Home Technology Adoption for Insurance Providers
Attitudes Towards Smart Home Devices and Insurers

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