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Q2 2014

Industry Report

The Post-SMS War for Mobile Communications: Messaging Apps

Personal communications is increasingly mobile and social; traditional SMS service is now overtaken by new OTT mobile messaging services such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, and KakaoTalk. This report examines such messaging apps’ versatile business models, their impact on mobile carriers’ messaging business, and the prospects of Rich Communications Suites (RCS). This report provides forecasts of global carriers’ messaging service revenue and OTT messaging app revenues from 2014-2019.


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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

2.0   Trends in Mobile Messaging

2.1 Growth of Messaging Apps

2.1.1    Messaging App Landscape

2.1.2    Drivers of Messaging Apps

2.1.3    Messaging Apps Features and Functions Niche Messaging App Features Messaging Apps as Platforms Messaging Apps for Enterprises

2.1.4    Messaging Apps: Consumer Perspectives

2.2 SMS and Messaging Apps: Challenges and Opportunities

2.2.1    Enterprise and Application to Person (A2P) SMS

2.2.2    Mobile Messaging Convergence

2.3 Mobile Operators’ Messaging Apps Strategy and Initiatives

2.3.1    RCSe/joyn

2.3.2    Mobile Carriers’ Messaging Apps

2.3.3    Mobile Carrier and Messaging Apps Partnerships

3.0   Monetization of Mobile Messaging

3.1 Messaging Apps Business Models and Monetization Strategies

3.2 Monetization Strategies for SMS

4.0   Market Forecasts

4.1 Market Drivers and Barriers

4.2 Forecast Methodology

4.3 Sources of Information

4.4 Messaging Users and Revenue Forecasts

5.0   Market Implications and Recommendations

6.0   Appendix

Company Index

Companies Researched or Briefed for the Report
Messaging App Categories
Messaging App Details
Messaging Apps Share in the U.S.
North America and Western Europe International SMS and MMS Pricing Examples
Smartphone Penetration among Broadband Households in the U.S.
Monthly Use of Instant/Video Messaging App Functions
Messaging Apps’ Paths to Differentiation
Smartphone App Usage
Tablet App Usage
Daily Use of Messaging Apps
SMS Use Cases
SMS Aggregators
Paths to WWW-Mobile Messaging Convergence
Mobile Operators’ Response to OTT Apps
Examples of OTT Call and Messaging Apps Launched by MNOs
Approaches to Messaging App Monetization
SMS Users, Volume, and Revenue Methodology
OTT Messaging Users and Volume Forecast Methodology
Text Messaging Users by Region
Text Messaging Volume by Region
Text Messaging Revenue by Region
OTT Messaging App Users by Region
OTT Messaging Volume by Region
Messaging Volume by Type

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