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Q4 2021

Smart Product Market Assessment

Smart Watches and Wearables - Mkt Assmnt

Smart Product Market Assessments provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of a single smart product market. Parks Associates analysts identify key market drivers and barriers and assesses market growth via topline market forecasts.

Smart Watches and Wearables Market Assessment includes consumer data for smart watches and fitness trackers, including trending data across years and deep dive questions on product usage, pain points, and preferences.

Parks Associates has determined a categorization of brands and models based on device capabilities and brand marketing. Heads of households self-reported the brand and model of personally owned wearable, and devices were categorized according to this schema.

Smart Watches – wearables with access to an app store and the ability to download apps,
Fitness Trackers – wearables without access to an app store, and no onboard GPS
GPS Sports Watches – wearables with onboard GPS, marketed to athletes/outdoors enthusiasts.


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