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Q2 2020

Industry Report

Connected Entertainment Ecosystems: Competition & Cooperation

This report examines the overall device and technology platform ecosystems for entertainment devices created by large players such as Samsung, Amazon, Roku, Comcast, Sony, Google, and others. The report profiles some of the prominent ecosystems and their unique approaches to the market. It offers insight into the benefits and drawbacks of using hardware and software to create “moats” or closed systems, as opposed to keeping an open ecosystem, and poses the question: do consumers really care about openness of platforms?


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Bottom Line

Profiles of Major Connected Entertainment Players







Sony Group

Ecosystem Comparison: Key Business Metrics

Implications and Recommendations

Traditional vs. OTT Video Adoption (2017-2019)
Adoption of Connected Entertainment Products
Ecosystem Comparison: Key Business Metrics
Ecosystem Comparison: Hardware and Services
Global Amazon Prime Members
Amazon Music Streaming Tiers
Comcast 2019 Consolidated Operating Results by Segment
US Households Reached by NBCUniversal via Cable Networks
Google Entertainment Services
Samsung TV Plus User Interface
Most Used Connected Video Device

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