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Wellness and Fitness

Q3 2015

Industry Report

Wearables for Health: Innovations and Disruptions

Health innovations such as wearables and their apps offer new means for consumers to manage their health and wellness. These innovations also disrupt traditional health and wellness product manufacturers and redefine relationships between consumers and their care providers. This report examines new wearable products from multiple perspectives, analyzing consumer use cases for health and wellness management and care provider use cases for patient monitoring in and outside of the home. The report provides an update to the five-year global forecasts of health and wellness wearables unit sales and revenues.


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1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Scope of Report

1.3            Research Approach/Sources

2.0            Wearables Market and Technology Innovations

2.1            The Wearable Device Landscape: Growth and Competition

2.1.1        Fitness Tracker Market

2.1.2        Health Monitoring Market

2.1.3        Wellness Monitoring Market

2.1.4        Personal Safety Monitoring Market

2.2            Sensor and Form Factor Innovations

2.2.1        Smart Patch

2.2.2        Smart Earbuds

2.2.3        Smart Fabric/Clothing

2.3            Battery Life and Wireless Charging

2.3.1        IC Designs and Battery Life

2.3.2        Wireless Smart Charging

2.4            The Impact of the Smart Watch on the Wearables Market

3.0            Connected Health and Wellness Market Trends and Disruptions

3.1            Consumer Healthy Living Needs and Behaviors

3.2            From Chronic Health Management to Population Health

3.3            Wellness Market in Transition: Fitness, Diet, Sleep, and Stress

3.4            Future Outlook

4.0            Market Forecast

4.1            Forecast Methodology

4.2            Global Fitness Tracker Forecast

4.3            Personal Networked Health Device Sales Forecast

4.4            Personal Safety Monitoring Device Sales Forecast

5.0            Implications and Recommendations

6.0            Appendix

6.1            Glossary

6.2            Index of Companies

6.3            Image Sources

Companies Researched and Interviewed for This Report
Ownership of Connected Health & Wellness Devices
Digital Pedometer/Fitness Tracker Brand Adoption, 2013-2014
Diabetes Management Software and Apps
New Wearables for Wellness Monitoring
Personal Safety Monitoring Solutions and Services
Competing Wireless Charging Standards
Consumer Preferred Smart Watch Activities: Owners and Intender
Market Segmentation and Future Directions: Consumer Wearables for Health & Wellness
Frequencies of Participating in Wellness Activities
Difficulty in Taking Health Actions: Routinely Exercise & Consistently Eat Right
Reasons for Having Difficulty Routinely Exercising
Reasons for Having Difficulty Eating Right
Frequency of Consumers’ Health Information-Seeking Behaviors
Consumer Participation in Health Services/Activities
Monthly Health App Usage
Use of Health Apps in Conjunction with a Connected Health or Wellness Device
Effect of Corporate Discounts for Fitness Devices on Consumer Use of Health Apps
Appeal of a Master Health App by Number of Health Apps Used Monthly
Connected Fitness Tracker Forecast Model
Global Forecast of Connected Fitness Tracker Unit Sales (2014-2019)
Forecasts of Personal Networked Health Device Unit Sales in the U.S. (2014-2019)
Forecasts of Personal Location/Safety Tracking Unit Sales in the U.S. (2014-2019)

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