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Q2 2016

Industry Report

Tech Support: Influencing IoT Adoption

This report examines the actual and perceived complexities and security risks that may serve as barriers to adoption of smart home and other emerging connected devices. It highlights the impact of these concerns and examines support strategies designed to overcome them. The report forecasts the technical support needs generated by smart home devices.


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1.0         Report Summary

1.1         Purpose of Report

1.2         Scope of Report

1.3         Research Approach/Sources

1.4         Key Questions Addressed

2.0         Adoption of Emerging Connected Devices

2.1         Smart Home Device Adoption

2.2         Connected Healthcare Devices Adoption

2.3         Purchase Intentions and Market Growth Potential

2.4         Implications

3.0         Support Strategies for IoT Markets

3.1         Pre-purchase

3.1.1      Consumer Challenges Associated with Smart Home Device Purchases

3.1.2      Support Solutions for Purchases

3.2         Customer Onboarding

3.2.1      Challenges Associated with Smart Home Device Set-up

3.2.2      Support Solutions for Set-up and Installation

3.3         Customer Enablement

3.3.1      Challenges to Product Use

3.3.2      Enablement Solutions

3.4         Other Strategies and Solutions to Influence Adoption

4.0         Security and Privacy Concerns

4.1         Security and Privacy Concerns by Device Type

4.2         Addressing Security and Privacy Concerns

5.0         Forecast

5.1         Forecast Methodology

5.2         Forecast

6.0         Implications and Recommendations

7.0         Appendix

7.1         Glossary

7.2         Index

Average Numbers of Connected CE Devices Owned Per BB HH (2010 - 2015)
Penetration Rates - Smart Home Devices
Penetration Rates - Connected Healthcare Devices
Purchase Intentions - Smart Home Devices
Purchase Intentions – Other Emerging Devices
Consumer Challenges and Solutions – Product Purchases
Likelihood of Making a Repeat Purchase after Experiencing a Set-up problem
Problems in Setting up Devices by Smart Home Device (2015 - 2016)
Consumer Challenges and Solutions – Device Set-up
Smart Home Devices: Technical Problems Experienced (Q1/16)
Leading Smart Home Device Problems (Q1/2015)
Leading Smart Home Device Problems (Q1/2016)
Consumer Challenges and Solutions – Device Problems and Interoperability
Key Support Solutions for IoT Adoption
Level of Privacy & Security Concern by Device Category
Leading Privacy and Security Concerns by Device Category
Interest in Security/Privacy Support Services (Q3/15)
Forecast Methodology Professional Support Requests
Professional Support Requests Forecast, 2016-2020 – Smart Home Devices and Systems

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