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Q2 2017

Industry Report

IoT Data: Securing the Connected Home

The growing number of connected devices in consumers’ lives can be immensely valuable, both in creating personalized user experiences and in generating data that can be analyzed to provide expanded benefits. They also provide more targets for hackers. This report examines the current challenges for securing the connected home and the opportunities for security solution providers. The report includes the latest consumer data on security concerns, willingness to share data, and analysis of their effects on consumer confidence and purchasing behavior. With an eye to recommendations for OEMs and service providers, the report provides an assessment of market forces influencing security issues, such as business economics, industry alliances, consumer advocates, and regulators. The report includes a U.S. forecast for standalone security gateway solutions and a forecast for residential combination gateway/routers, which are a crucial point of defense against security vulnerabilities.


Download Table of Contents (PDF)

1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        The Challenge of Securing the Smart Home

2.1        Technology Challenges

2.2        Product Development Challenges

2.3        Product Management Challenges

2.4        Consumer Education Challenges

3.0        Opportunities for Security Solutions

3.1        Semiconductor Manufacturers

3.2        Networking Protocols

3.3        Security Software Applications

3.4        Security Gateways and Smart Security Routers

3.5        Broadband Providers and Residential Gateways

3.6        Smart Home Control Platforms and Frameworks

3.7        Cloud Platforms and Services

3.8        Professional Dealers and Systems Integrators

4.0        Consumer Attitudes on Data Security

4.1        Trends in Concerns for Hacking of Devices and Data

4.2        Attitudes toward Companies that Collect & Manage Data

4.3        Incentives for Data Sharing

5.0        Market Forces Influencing Security Issues

6.0        Implications and Recommendations

7.0        Appendix

7.1        Glossary

7.2        Index

7.3        Image Sources

Companies Researched for Report
Technology Challenges and Best Practices
Security/Privacy Best Practices for Product Development
Installation of Safety and Security Devices
Company Profile – Sigma Designs/Z-Wave
Company Profiles – Bitdefender Box and Symantec Norton Core
U.S. Consumer Security Gateway Sales (2016 – 2021)
Company Profile – Arrayent
Company Profile – Xively by LogMeIn
Company Profile – Control4
Evidence Consumer Security Concerns Are/Are Not Inhibiting IoT Growth
Concerns about Hacking of Smart Products
Privacy/Security Concerns by Age Segments
Privacy/Security Concerns by Technology Adoption Segment
Consumer Attitudes on Data Sharing
Trustworthiness to Manage Data of Company Type
Likelihood of Sharing Data with Manufacturer or Service Provider
Willingness to Share Device Data and Control for Electricity Discount

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