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Q2 2010

Industry Report

Network-hosted Storage Solutions

This report examines the market potential for online backup services from both third-party providers and broadband service providers. This report focuses on key technology partners delivering online backup and content sharing as a broadband value-added service and examines the migration of online backup services toward cloud services and attached to consumer electronics devices.


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The Bottom Line

Network-Hosted Storage Solutions Dashboard

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Data Sources

1.2 Definitions

2.0   Classifying Online Storage Services

2.1 Third-party Services

2.1.1    Solutions for Backup-Only

2.1.2    Solutions for Backup and Content Sharing

2.1.3    Solutions for Backup, Sharing, and Social Networking

2.1.4    Collaboration Suites with Network-Hosted Storage Solutions

2.1.5    Notable Broadband Provider Offerings

3.0   Key Trends in Online Storage Solutions

3.1 Theories on Pricing and Services Offered

3.2 Developing Online Storage as a Value-added Broadband Service

3.3 Remote Access and Sharing

3.4 Links to Consumer Hardware

3.5 Online Storage and the Rise of Mobile Internet Devices

3.6 The Migration to Cloud Data and Media Services

4.0   Forecasts

5.0   Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 For Network-hosted Storage Companies

5.2 For Service Providers

Network-hosted Storage Environment
Consumers and Backup (2006 vs. 2009)
Use of Online Backup Services
Network-hosted Storage Solutions for Storage Only
Network-hosted Storage Solutions for Storage and Sharing
Network-hosted Storage Solutions for Storage, Sharing and Social Networking
Collaboration Suites with Network-Hosted Storage Solutions
Notable Broadband Provider Offerings
Willingness to Purchase Backup Software
Concern about Content and Willingness to Pay for Online Backup
Interest in a Network-Hosted Storage Solution
Demographic Profile of Consumers Interested in Online Backup
White-label Online Storage Solutions Providers
Attitudes about Digital Media, Storage and Sharing
Network-hosted vs. Physical Storage
Hardware Vendors and Online Storage
Smartphone Adoption Rate – U.S. Broadband Households
Phone Storage Capacity Perceptions
Removable Memory Card Use Issues
Digital Media Activities
Gigabytes of Storage Needed for U.S. Households
Network-hosted Storage Subscribers
Annual Revenues: Network-hosted Storage
Satisfaction with Broadband Services

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