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Support Services

Q4 2015

Industry Report

The Evolution of Tech Support: Global Trends and Outlook

This report provides an overview of the technical landscape of broadband households throughout the world, including North America, Western Europe, and Asia/Pacific. It examines the demand for premium support services and evaluates industry trends in each region. This report provides a global revenue forecast for premium technical support services.


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1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Scope of Report

1.3            Research Approach/Sources

1.4            Key Questions Addressed

2.0            Drivers of Market Demand

2.1            Device Ownership

2.2            Frequency of Device Problems

2.3            Types of Problems Encountered

3.0            Methods of Problem Resolution

3.1            Use of Support Resources

3.2            Use of Professional and Premium Support

4.0            Business Model Evolution

4.1            Expanding Device Coverage

4.2            New Payment Models Gaining Traction

4.3            Multiple Service Channels Retain Value

4.4            Expanding Product Offerings

5.0            Forecast

5.1            Forecast Methodology

5.1.1        Set-up and Installation Services

5.1.2        One-time Support Services

5.1.3        Subscription Services

5.2            North America

5.3            Western Europe

5.4            Asia-Pacific

6.0            Implications and Recommendations

7.0            Appendix

7.1            Glossary

7.2            Index

Average Number of Connected Devices in Broadband Households
Computing Device Penetration (2015)
Entertainment Device Penetration (2015)
Popular Smart Home Device Penetration (2015)
Number of Technical Problems by Device - U.S. (Q3/14)
Number of Technical Problems by Device U.K. and Germany (Q3/15)
Number of Technical Problems by Device France and Spain (Q3/15)
Enablement Support Needs by Country
Device-Specific and Performance Problems by Country
Connectivity and Interoperability Problems by Country
Security/Privacy-Related Problems by Country
Steps Taken to Resolve Technical Problem (Q3/14)
Method of Problem Resolution by Country – U.K. and Germany (Q3/15)
Method of Problem Resolution by Country – France and Spain (Q3/15)
U.S. Problem Resolution Overview 2014
U.K. Problem Resolution Overview 2015
Germany Problem Resolution Overview 2015
France Problem Resolution Overview 2015
Spain Problem Resolution Overview 2015
Premium Technical Support Service Model
Premium Support Services Available from Major Brands in North America
Premium Support Services Available from Major Brands in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific
Premium Support Service – Geek Squad U.S.
Premium Support Service – Geek Squad Canada
Premium Support Service – Deutsche Telekom
Membership Service Model – Geek Squad Canada
Importance of Technical Support Capabilities
Enrollment in Extended Warranty/Technical Support Sub. at Time of Device Purchase (Q1/15)
Geek Squad Free In-home Consultation for Smart Home Automation
Disconnect Online Privacy Support Service
Interest in Security/Privacy Support Services (Q3/15)
Forecast Methodology – Set-up/ Installation Services
Forecast Methodology –One-time Support Services
Forecast Methodology – Subscription Support Services
Total Revenue – Premium Technical Support Services in North America
Total Revenue – Premium Technical Support Services – Western Europe
Total Revenue – Premium Technical Support Services – Asia-Pacific
Most Important Component of Support Service Package (Q1/15)
Features Increasing Technical Support Subscription Renewal (Q3/15)

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