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Q1 2018

Industry Report

Technology Needs of Today’s SMBs

Success as a small business is increasingly dependent upon technologies and services that can drive improved efficiency, productivity, and communication. This report examines the continued evolution of connected devices and cloud-based services and how they are enabling SMBs in new ways. The report identifies key vendors of these technologies and discusses partnerships and business models. It also includes a five-year forecast for the industry.


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1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Scope of Report

1.3      Research Approach/Sources

2.0      The SMB Market

3.0      Service Opportunities

4.0      IT Support and Managed Services

4.1      IT Services and Artificial Intelligence

4.2      Business Model Innovation

5.0      Cloud Computing

6.0      Network Security

7.0      IoT Products and Services

7.1      Adoption of Smart Devices

7.2      Market Dynamics

7.3      Smart Home Devices and Data Generation

8.0      Forecast

8.1      Forecast Methodology

8.2      Forecast

8.2.1  Computer and Network Setup

8.2.2  One-Time Support Services

8.2.3  Support Subscriptions

8.2.4  Cloud Storage/Backup

9.0      Implications and Recommendations

10.0    Appendix

10.1    Glossary

10.2    Index

U.S. Small Businesses by Firm Size
Small Business Industry Classification
Computer Problems Experienced by SMBs
Mobile Devices Problems Experienced by SMBs
Server Problems Experienced
Adoption of IT Software or Services by Company Size
Number of IT Service Professionals Employed
IT Support Service Business Models
Subscription of IT Software or Services
Adoption of IT Software or Services by Company Size
Security or Energy Devices Installed by SMBs
Smart Devices Used by Company Size
IoT Device Interest by SMBs
The Shift from Traditional to IoT
Smart Home Device Data Potential
Forecast Methodology Computer and Network Setup
Annual Revenue: Computer and Network Setup
Forecast Methodology of One-Time Support Revenue
Annual Revenue for One-Time Support Services
Forecast Methodology Support Subscription Revenue
Annual Revenue of Support Subscriptions
Forecast Methodology of Cloud Storage/Backup
Total Annual Revenue Forecast of Cloud Storage/Backup

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