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Q2 2015

Industry Report

IT and Support Services for Small Businesses

This report examines the technical support market for small and medium businesses in the U.S. It analyzes the technology environment of businesses of varying sizes, their current technical challenges, and their support interests and needs. It also forecasts the revenue opportunities in providing support solutions to these companies.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        State of the Market

2.1        Location

2.2        Technical Environment

2.2.1    Devices

2.2.2    Services Used

3.0        Service Interest

3.1        Cloud Storage/ Back-up

3.2        Online Payment Processing

3.3        Network Security

3.4        IT Support

3.5        Cloud-based Applications

3.6        Server Management or Hosting

3.7        Service Pricing

4.0        Supply-side Analysis

5.0        Forecast

5.1        Service Penetration

5.2        Revenue Opportunity

6.0        Implications and Recommendations

7.0        Appendix

7.1        Glossary

7.2        Index

SMB Decision Makers: Work Location by Industry (Q1/15)
Average Number of Devices Used by Company Size (Q1/15)
Number of Devices per Employee by Industry (Q1/15)
Type of Servers Used (Q1/15)
Broadband Service Subscription by Industry (Q1/15)
IT Services Received (Q1/15)
Total Monthly Spend on IT Services by Company Size (Q1/15)
SMB IT Needs, Budgeting, and Decisions by Company Size
Average Monthly Cost of IT Services (Q1/15)
IT Profiles of Small Businesses in Various Industries
Interest in Paying for New IT Services by Company Size (Q1/15)
Interest in Cloud Storage and Back-up
Interest in Online Payment Processing
Interest in Cloud-based Enterprise Applications
Interest in Remote IT Support
Interest in Onsite IT Support
Advantages and Disadvantages of Software-as-a-Service and Boxed Software
Interest in Cloud-based Productivity Applications
Interest in Cloud-based Enterprise Applications
Interest in Server Management or Hosting
Average Monthly Cost Willing to Pay for IT Service
Provider of IT Services (Q1/15)
Small Business Services Offered by ISP – Verizon
Small Business Services Offered by ISP – AT&T
Small Business Services Offered by ISP – CenturyLink
Small Business Services Offered by ISP – Time Warner Cable
Small Business Services Offered by Technology Company - Microsoft
Forecast Methodology: Users of IT and Support Services
Total Users: IT and Support Services
Forecast Methodology IT and Support Services
Total Revenue: IT and Support Services
Familiarity with IT Services (Q1/15)
Reasons for Looking for New IT Support Services or Vendors (Q1/15)

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