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Q4 2013

Industry Report

Cloud Services for Small Businesses

Small business requirements include access to a host of managed, cloud-based services including productivity apps, backup and storage, remote access, and technical support. By offering sophisticated services via a cloud model, service providers can offer SMBs flexible, cost-effective solutions. This report profiles the needs of SMBs as well as available cloud solutions, charting a path to growth opportunities for broadband providers and other third-party suppliers. The report includes a five-year forecast for the growth of cloud services for SMBs.


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The Bottom Line


1.0   Small Businesses and Cloud Services

2.0   The Cloud Services Ecosystem

3.0   Platforms and Integration: Cloud Service Enablers

4.0   The Operator’s Role in Small Business Cloud Services

5.0   Cloud Services

5.1 Security

5.2 Mobile Device Management

5.3 Cloud Storage

5.4 Cloud-based Applications / SaaS

5.4.1    Productivity Applications

5.4.2    Administration / Accounting / Finance

5.4.3    Other Applications

5.5 Collaboration / Videoconferencing Tools

6.0   Forecast

6.1 Methodology and Assumptions

6.2 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

6.3 Cloud-based Storage Services

6.4 Cloud-based Security Services

7.0   Implications / Recommendations

8.0   Report Methodology

9.0   Glossary


Broadband Services Taken by Small Businesses
Benefits and Obstacles to Adoption of Cloud Services by Small Businesses
Types of Network Servers Hosted by Small Businesses
Cloud Service Ecosystem
Selected Cloud Service Enablers
Selected Small Business Cloud Offerings from Operators
Computer Support Software Used by SMB Size (Q4/12)
Selected Providers of Cloud-based Technical Support Services for Small Business
Examples of MDM Solutions and Services
Selected Providers of Cloud-based Storage / Backup Services for Small Businesses
Types of Business Applications Used
Use of Business Applications by Platform
Cloud-based Applications vs. Boxed Installed Applications
Use of Productivity Applications by Business Size
Selected Providers of Cloud-based Productivity Applications for Small Business
Use of Accounting/Finance Applications by Business Size
Selected Providers of Cloud-based Administration / Finance Applications for Small Business
Selected Providers of Other Cloud-based Applications for Small Business
Use of Creative/Design Applications by Business Size
Use of Online Collaboration Tools by Business Size
Selected Providers of Cloud-based Collaboration Tools for Small Business
Small Business Cloud Service Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Small Business Cloud-based Application Adoption
Forecast: Small Business Cloud-based Storage Service Adoption
Forecast: Small Business Cloud-based Security Service Adoption

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