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Small-and-medium Business Research

Q4 2020


New SMB Landscape: Devices, Communication, Security, Support


Awareness and Adoption of IT Products and Services

  • Devices used
  • Services used
  • IT services used
  • Type of service provider per tested IT service type
  • Software application used
  • Amount paid for services
  • Satisfaction with services

Impact of COVID-19, Outlook on New Business Needs/Processes

  • Attitudinals
  • Impact of COVID-19 on revenues, last 6 months
  • Expectation of return to “normal” revenues
  • Impact on workload and work location (on-site, off-site, hybrid, etc.)
  • Work location outlook
  • Primary technology challenges stemming from remote work
  • Impact of COVID-19 on IT spending in past 6 months
  • Expected changes to IT Budget over next 6 months
  • Impact of COVID-19 on device needs, service needs for operations, and software/service needs for productivity and for serving/reaching customers

IT and Data Security Pain Points

  • Problems experienced with devices used in past 6 months
  • Problem resolution strategy
  • Data security-related incidents in previous two years
  • Level of concern about data security threats
  • Steps taken to address security threats

Product and Service Interest, Willingness to Pay

  • IT/Support services
  • Communication software
  • Business model preferences (bundled or a la carte)
  • Preferred type of provider (broadband service provider, local contractor, etc.)
  • Factors compelling business to select service from an ISP/telco/MSO vs. independent contractor/systems integrator
  • Barriers to purchasing IT products and services
  • Barriers to purchasing smart products and services

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