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Independent Living

Q4 2021

Quantified Consumer

Healthy and Well at Home: Senior Assistive Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of our senior population. An increasing number of seniors are seeking solutions that keep them both safe and connected within their homes, including video conferencing tools, grocery delivery and ecommerce, and telemedicine. At the same time, retailers, service providers, and device manufacturers are expanding the market of technology solutions that support independent and safe living for seniors. This research quantifies the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on seniors and family caregivers, assessing concerns, pain points, and demand for technology products and services.  


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Survey Methodology and Definitions

Parks Associates 2021 Respondent April Quotas

Key Terms and Definitions

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Intention to Purchase Independent Living Solutions by Degree of Familiarity With Select System

Technology Adoption by Age Group

Use of Communications Tools by Age Group

Telehealth Users by Age Group

Telehealth Reimbursements

Likelihood of Moving in the Next 3 Years Among Seniors

Family Caregiver Market

Market Size of Family Caregivers

Residence of Loved One

Loved One’s Independence

Average Age of Loved Ones Attended by Caregivers

Residence Type by Loved One’s Independent Level

Actions Taken on Behalf of Care Recipient Among Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers’ Decisions Related to COVID-19

Actions Taken By Family Members to Protect Seniors (2020 vs. 2021) By Family Caregivers

Actions Taken By Family Members to Protect Seniors (2020 vs. 2021) By Non-Caregivers

Independent Living Solutions

Concept Testing: Independent Living Solutions

Independent Living Solutions Tested

Familiarity with Independent Living Solutions

Purchase Intention of Independent Living Solutions

Independent Living System Purchase Intenders – Any Tested Solution Type

Most Preferred Independent Living Solution Among Purchase Intenders

Must-Have Features of PERs/Panic Buttons

Must-Have Features of Smart Watches

Must-Have Features of Smart Speakers and Smart Displays

Must-Have Features of Professionally Installed Home Sensor System

Willingness to Pay for Professional Monitoring Service by Most Preferred Independent Living Solutions

Purchase Channel by Most Preferred Independent Living Solutions

Additional Smart Home Device Purchases

Reasons for Not Purchasing an Independent Living Solution

Independent Seniors’ Market

Seniors’ Preferences for Safe Aging Solutions

Gender Differences in Preference

Educational Differences in Preference

Independent Living System Preferred Purchase Channels

Educational Differences in Preference

Age Group Differences in Preference

Perspective on Independent Living Solutions

PERS Adoption Among Consumers

PERS & Smart Watch Adoption

PERS Features

PERS Form-Factors

PERS Purchase Channel

Builders’ Channel

Likelihood of Moving in the Next 3 Years

Current Home Owner Status

Current Residence Type

Future Residence Type by Age

Future Residence Type by Home Owner Status

Preferences for Next Home by Home Type

Preferences for Next Home by Age

Preference for Pre-Installed Features by Next Home Type

Preference for Pre-installed Features by Age

Most Appealing Smart Home Scenarios


Telehealth Users Among Seniors

Familiarity with Telehealth and Virtual Visit Services: 2020 vs 2021

Telehealth Service Channel: 2019 to 2021

Telehealth Service Channels Among Seniors

Payment Method of Telehealth Visit

Remote Diagnostics/RPM Program Participation

Senior Technology Adoption Profile

Smartphone Adoption

Smart Speaker and Smart Display Adoption

Smart Watch Adoption

Smart Home Device Adoption

Use of Wi-Fi internet

Connected Health Device Adoption

Smart Home Device Ownership

Pay-TV Service Subscription

Professional Monitoring Service Subscription

Senior Communication Tools

Use of Communication Technologies by Seniors

Use of Leading Communication Apps Among Seniors

Devices Used for Video Calling

Most Used PC Operation System Among Owners

Smartphone OS Used Among Owners

Brand of Tablets Owned Among Owners


Senior Profile

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

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