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Q1 2014

Industry Report

Virtual Care: Technologies & Business Models

This report analyzes key technologies supporting anywhere communications between doctor and patient, such as video consultation, online and mobile coaching, medication reminders, and social health community. The report focuses on profiling key technology enablers, business service platform developers, and communications service providers, highlighting their business models and projecting virtual care’s potential as a new means of care delivery for healthcare stakeholders. It also provides a forecast of U.S. virtual care users from 2013-2018.


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The Bottom Line

1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2              Data Sources

2.0              Virtual Healthcare

2.1              Adoption Drivers

3.0              Consumer Usage

4.0              Virtual Care Industry Ecosystem

5.0              Virtual Care Infrastructure Providers

5.1              TELUS

TELUS Business Model

5.2              Vidyo

Vidyo Business Model

6.0              Virtual Care Solution Providers

6.1              Virtual Care Enablers

6.1.1          KrixiCare

6.1.2          SBR Health

6.1.3          Vivify Health

6.2              Health Kiosk Solutions

6.2.1          HealthSpot

HealthSpot Business Model

6.2.2          SoloHealth

SoloHealth Business Model

6.3              Personal Health Record (PHR) Solution Providers

6.3.1          NoMoreClipboard

NoMoreClipboard Business Model

6.3.2          Hello Health

Hello Health Business Model

6.3.3          Microsoft HealthVault

6.4              Virtual Care Patient Portal Solution Providers

6.4.1          Relay Health

RelayHealth Business Model

6.4.2          PracticeFusion

PracticeFusion Business Model

7.0              Virtual Care Service Providers

7.1              Business Models for Virtual Care Service Providers

7.2              Teladoc

7.3              RingMD

8.0              Forecast

8.1              Methodologies and Assumptions

9.0              Implications

10.0            Index

Sample Conditions Treated at Online Clinics
Impact of Mobile Health Apps on Health Improvement
Health-Related Websites Visited in 2012
Preferred Healthcare Communication Methods
Preferred Communication Method with Healthcare Providers by Age Group
Online Tools Used to Communicate With Healthcare Professionals
Openness to Using Online Communications Tools for Healthcare
Frequency of Consulting a Healthcare Professional
Consumer Reasons for Potentially Using Online Communications Tools
Propensity to Use Online Health Services by Age Group
Propensity to Use Online Health Services by Household Income
Examples of Industry Players in the Virtual Care Ecosystem
Examples of Industry Players Offering Virtual Care Solutions
SBR Health Virtual Waiting Room
Hello Health Potential Revenue Calculator
Sample Conditions Treated at Online Clinics
Examples of Virtual Care Service Providers
InteractiveMD Service Plans
Examples of Virtual Care Service Provider Business Models
Teladoc Annual Growth Rates
Flow Chart of U.S. Virtual Care Forecast
Number of U.S. Broadband Households Using Virtual Care Communications Tools
Percentage of U.S. Broadband Households Using Virtual Care Communications Tools
Number of Doctor-Patient Video Consultations
Number of U.S. Households Using Doctor-Patient Video Communications
Percentage of U.S. Broadband Households Using Doctor-Patient Video Communications
Annual Frequency of Doctor-Patient Video Communications
Doctor-Patient Video Consultation Revenue Forecast
Comparison of Forecasted Revenues

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