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Independent Living

Q4 2020

Quantified Consumer

COVID-19: Impact on Seniors, Caregivers, and Independent Living Solutions

COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of our senior population. Seniors seek solutions that can keep them safe and well in their home but still connected to their loved ones and doctors. At the same time, retailers, service providers, and device manufacturers are expanding the market of technology solutions that support independent and safe living for seniors. This research quantifies the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on seniors and family caregivers, assessing concerns, pain points, and demand for technology products and services.


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Survey Methodology

COVID-19 Timeline

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Senior Use of Video Conferencing Services

YoY Changes in Senior Use of Telehealth Services

Senior Technology Adoption

Consideration of Housing Alternatives Among Seniors

Appeal of Products for Caregiving Among Caregivers

Preferred Independent Living System Purchase Channels

Impact of COVID-19 on Seniors

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Deaths and Cases, CDC COVID Data Tracker

Impact on Seniors

Impact on Caregivers

Public Health Behaviors by Age

COVID-19 Challenges by Age

Services Used During COVID-19 by Age

Seniors’ First Time Using Services

Use of Telehealth Services

Use of Virtual Health & Wellness Tools by Age

COVID-19 Impact on Spending Activities Among Seniors

Spending Rollup

Activities During COVID-19 Among Seniors

Community Leaders’ Handling of COVID-19

Service Provider Handing of COVID-19

Smartphone Adoption

Smart Home Device Adoption

Current Adoption

Impact of COVID-19 on Caregivers

Market Size of Caregivers (2019 - 2020)

Average Age of Loved Ones Attended by Caregivers (2019-2020)

Residence of Loved One

Loved One’s Independence

Caregivers’ Concerns About Loved Ones

Caregivers’ Decisions Related to COVID-19 (Q2/20)

Demand for Independent Living Systems

Appeal of Smart Products Used to Care for Loved Ones

Top 10 Must-Have Features of Independent Living System: Seniors vs. Caregivers

Must-Have Features of Independent Living System: Seniors vs. Caregivers, Cont’d.

Likelihood of Purchasing Independent Living System Among Caregivers

Independent Living System Purchase Channels

Reasons for Not Purchasing Independent Living System

Seniors’ Perspectives and Retirement Concerns

Highly Important Aspects of Retirement Life (2018 - 2020)

Retirement Concerns Among Seniors

Consideration of Housing Alternatives

Health Activities by Age

Seniors’ Health Device Adoption

Overall Adoption of Connected Health Devices by Age

Adoption of Connected Medical Devices by Age

Adoption of Fitness/Wellness Devices by Age

Panic Button Capabilities

High Intention to Purchase Connected Medical Devices by Age

Senior Use of Telehealth

High Familiarity with Digital Health Tools

Telehealth Service & Self-Diagnosis App Use

Telehealth Service Channels

Reasons for Using Telehealth Services Among Seniors

Medical Issues Consulted Using Telehealth Services

Outcomes of Telehealth Service Visit

Consumer Perception of Telehealth Service Quality by Age

Telehealth Service Barriers Among Seniors

High Important Telehealth Service Features by Age

High Appeal of Telehealth Services by Age

Likelihood of Using Telehealth Services


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