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Q1 2022

Consumer Insights Dashboard

Smart Home Dashboard 4Q 2021

The Smart Home Dashboard visualizes the most important metrics informing the strategic decision making of companies across the connected home market.


Industry Benchmarks

Smart Home Device Ownership
• Number of Smart Home Devices Owned
• Average Smart Home Devices Owned
• Smart Home Control Platforms and Devices
• Smart Home Device Purchases and Intentions to Buy
• Smart Safety & Security Device Ownership
• Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device Ownership
• Smart Appliance Ownership
• Smart Speaker or Smart Display Ownership
• Smart Home Device Net Promoter Score

Smart Home Device Purchasing
• Smart Security & Safety Device Purchases
• Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device Purchases
• Smart Appliance Purchases
• Smart Safety & Security Devices: Channel Purchase Location
• Smart Energy Devices: Channel Purchase Location
• Smart Home Devices: Top 5 Brands Considered vs. Brands Purchased
• Average Selling Price (ASP): Select Smart Home Devices
• Purchase Intention: Smart Safety & Security Devices
• Purchase Intention: Smart Energy, Lighting, Water Device
• Purchase Intention: Smart Appliance
• Smart Home Device Active Shoppers



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