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Q3 2019

Industry Report

Connected Living Outlook: Value Beyond Connectivity

This report provides an assessment of key connected living innovations and trends developing globally. The report identifies key technologies enabling and driving adoption of connected products and examines growth opportunities in service categories, including broadband and 5G, digital media, residential security, connected health and wellness, as well as connected consumer product categories, including home networks, smart home devices, and connected consumer electronics. It also identifies key companies to watch in each product category and includes five-year forecasts for select product categories.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        Connected Living

2.1        Value-Added Services: Driving Incremental Revenues

2.2        Expanding the Customer Base

2.3        Converging Markets and Expanding Channels

3.0        Enabling the Connected Lifestyle

3.1        Mobile and Broadband Trends

3.1.1    Universal Broadband Access

3.1.2    Greater Gigabit Speed Service Availability

3.1.3    The Rise of 5G Networks

3.2        AI, Personal Assistants, and UI Innovation

3.2.1    Natural Language Processing and Voice Assistants

3.2.2    AI and the Connected Home

3.3        Data Privacy & Security

3.3.1    Growth in Data Security Services

3.3.2    Data Security: Broadband Providers, Residential Gateways, and Mesh Networking,

3.3.3    Blockchain as a Data Security Solution

3.4        Technical Support

3.4.1    Smart Home Setup and Installation Services

3.4.2    Smart Home Consultation Services

3.4.3    Home Network Monitoring Companies

3.5        Cloud vs. Edge Computing

3.5.1    Key Drivers of Edge Computing in the Connected Home

3.5.2    Global Issues and Edge Computing

4.0        Connected CE and Platforms

4.1        Trends and Market Developments

4.1.1    Evolution of the Smartphone Market

4.1.2    Smart Speakers Entering the Mainstream

4.1.3    Convergence of CE and Smart Home with Voice

4.2        Innovations

4.2.1    Augmented Reality and the Evolution of the Smartphone

4.2.2    Evolution of Subscription Service Business Model

4.2.3    Integration of Smart Assistants and Headphones

4.3        Companies to Watch

4.3.1    HMD Global

4.3.2    Microsoft

4.3.3    Samsung

4.4        Global Trends

4.5        Market Forecast

5.0        Entertainment Services

5.1        Trends and Market Developments

5.1.1    Rise of the OTT Middle Class

5.1.2    Live Online Video in the Mainstream

5.1.3    Growth of Ad-Based Services

5.2        Innovations

5.2.1    Moving Beyond Traditional Delivery for Media

5.2.2    Evolution of Authentication

5.3        Companies to Watch

5.3.1    Apple

5.3.2    Disney

5.3.3    WarnerMedia

5.4        Global Trends

5.5        Market Forecast

6.0        Residential Security Services

6.1        Trends and Market Developments

6.1.1    Growth in DIY

6.1.2    Competition and Pricing Pressures

6.1.3    Changing Business Models and Innovation

6.2        Innovations

6.2.1    Video Analytics and AI in Security Cameras

6.2.2    Sensor Innovation

6.2.3    Voice and Biometrics

6.3        Companies to Watch

6.3.1    ADT

6.3.2    Deep Sentinel

6.3.3    Resideo

6.4        Global Trends

6.5        Market Forecast

7.0        Smart Home Devices and Services

7.1        Trends and Market Developments

7.1.1    Home Builder Channel Expansion

7.1.2    Large Tech Companies Investing in Smart Hardware

7.1.3    Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Use Cases

7.2        Innovations

7.2.1    Evolution of Voice-Enabled AI Solutions

7.2.2    Improving Vision Intelligence Capabilities

7.2.3    Expanding Smart Home Control Methods

7.3        Companies to Watch

7.3.1    Intellivision

7.3.2    Roost

7.3.3    Tado

7.4        Global Trends

7.5        Market Forecast

8.0        Smart Home Energy Management

8.1        Trends and Market Developments

8.1.1    Smart Energy Devices in the Top Five Smart Devices Owned

8.1.2    Electric Vehicles Gaining Popularity

8.1.3    Opportunities Exist for Consumer Engagement

8.2        Innovations

8.2.1    Blockchain and Demand Response Programs

8.2.2    Development of Community Renewables

8.2.3    Residential Batteries Gaining Momentum

8.3        Companies to Watch

8.3.1    Leviton

8.3.2    Lutron

8.3.3    Sense with Landis+Gyr

8.4        Global Trends

8.5        Market Forecast

9.0        Connected Health

9.1        Trends and Market Developments

9.1.1    Connected Health Devices and Fitness Equipment

9.1.2    Telehealth and On-Demand Virtual Care Services

9.1.3    Independent Living Solutions

9.2        Innovations

9.2.1    Evolution of Connected Medical Devices

9.2.2    Blockchain and the Health Sector

9.3        Companies to Watch


9.3.2    Apple

9.3.3    Best Buy

9.4        Global Trends

10.0      Implications and Recommendations

11.0      Appendix

11.1      Glossary

11.2      Index

Average Number of Connected Devices Per US Broadband Household
US Broadband Service Adoption & Service ARPU (2010-2018)
Connected Home Channels & Ecosystems
Fitbit & Garmin Wearables
The Smart Home Ecosystem
Global Broadband Household Share by Region
Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant Adoption (2016-2019)
Smart Displays from Lenovo, Amazon, and Google
Smart Home Devices: Purchase Inhibitors
Adoption of Data Security Services
Key Characteristics of Blockchain
Edge Computing Process
Adoption of Consumer Electronics Products
Consumer Familiarity with AR
US Forecast - Smart Speakers with Personal Assistants
Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Global Forecast - Total OTT Revenue and Subscriptions
Installation Method for Recently Acquired Pro-Monitored Security Systems
Forecast of US Broadband Households with Security
Smart Home Device Ownership
Smart Controller Forecast - US Broadband Households
Number of Smart Energy Devices Owned
Smart Thermostat Ownership by Country (2018)
States with Community Solar Policies
US Forecast - Smart Thermostats (2018-2024)
Adoption of Specified Health Devices
Caregivers' Willingness to Pay for Independent Living Features
Important Aspects of Retirement Life

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